Get Rosy Pink Skin with Greenberry Organics Rose and Jojoba foaming facewash.

How do you feel when you receive a bottle of foaming cleanser that smells like pure Rosewater? Yup! I’m talking about the recent launch from Greenberry Organics, Rose and Jojoba foaming face wash. Since the day I saw on their Instagram page about the launch of this face wash, I was waiting with the bated breath to try it once. So, you can easily understand how much I was happy to get it from the brand. Are you excited to hear more about the product? Let’s jump into the review.




Rose And Jojoba Foaming Facewash:

The face wash is a powerful combination of Rose and Jojoba oil. Rose oil is a strong antimicrobial that ultra cleanses the skin. Jojoba oil heals, soothes and smoothens the skin for a brightened and spot free complexion every day. The all new foaming application helps in ultra-cleansing the skin while being gentle for even the most sensitive skin type. 100% soap free and paraben free formula nourishes, hydrates the skin and balances skin’s pH level.



How To Use:

Apply a small quantity of face wash on the moisten face and gently work up the lather with a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Finish off with a good lotion if required.



Packaging And Price: The face wash comes in a sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a white pump dispenser that is layered with a transparent plastic cap. It’s a very economical packaging. We can use that much of the product we need to. The packaging is travel-friendly too.

The face wash costs INR 575/-

Like all the Greenberry Organics products, this is also 100% natural and vegan, made from pure oils and extracts. It’s against animal testing, Handmade with love, Environment safe packaging and Assorted and Ethical sourcing. 



My Experience:

This mild and gentle face wash can be used twice daily and is suitable for sensitive skin too. It smells like pure roses. That’s why whenever you use you will immediately feel refreshed and relaxed. I use it twice, in the morning under the shower and in the afternoon after coming back from my work.



In the morning I wake up with a face loaded with oil and open pores. As I wash my face with this face wash, I can feel it reducing the excess oil and shrinking the open pores. It gives a matte finish though doesn’t make my face dry. And after the afternoon wash it draws out impurities and pollutants I bring with me from the outside world.😊😊 The face wash has cleared the skin of some acne scars and suntan too.


Overall, it works as the brand claims. The face wash has given me a healthy glow that I like to see on your faces too. So, I am strongly recommending you who has lost her glow and youthfulness to your skin and wish to get them back. You can buy from Amazon.

Hope you have liked the review. Will be coming soon with a completely different brand and its products. Please stay here.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.



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  1. Works amazing for me! Love this face wash. Best part is, it’s the most convenient face wash off all time

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