“Love your skin, you are in!”


Take care of your skin, it will thank you by looking healthy and radiant. I really enjoy taking care of my skin! It’s no secret that spending few minutes in front of my dressing area enhances my mood, makes me feel so grounded. Overall, my routine is very simple. I don’t go through any huge process. I use very few products and to be honest, I’m quite happy with my routine as a whole.


Today, I am going to talk about only two amazing products. I use them at night after cleansing and toning as overnight face mask to be instantly beautiful in the morning. Sounds great, right? Let’s check out this simple recipe below.




The two products I am talking about are Aloe Vera gel and Rosewater. The combination of aloe vera and rosewater is an excellent remedy for clear glowing and rejuvenated skin.


How to use:

Combine one tbsp of Aloe Vera gel with one tbsp of Rose water, mix together and spread the mask onto your face. Sleep, wake up with a healthy glowing skin.





Benefits of Aloe Vera:

  • Treats sunburn
  • Acts as a moisturizer
  • Provides instant hydration to the skin
  • Treats acne
  • A great soothing ingredient for sensitive and problematic skin
  • Maintains skin elasticity
  • Firms up the skin texture



Image: Source


You can buy my favourite Aloe Vera gel here.


Benefits of Rose water:


  • Helps reduce the redness of irritated skin
  • Treats acne or other skin issues, like eczema
  • Hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes skin
  • Regenerates skin tissues
  • Helps clean pores and tones the skin
  • Acts as a mood enhancer.


Image: Source



Buy Rose water here.


Thanks for reading. If you like this simple recipe, include this in your life and share your experience here with me.


Shreemayee Chattopadhay.


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