Dhanolti, An Amazing Picture Perfect Place In Nature’s Arm




For me travelling is “simply getting away” from everyday pressure, related stress, anxiety and all. It helps me to reduce stress whether I plan it for a couple of days or a week. Actually, my trip starts from selecting of the destination, booking tickets and hotels to talking about where we’re going and what we will do when we get there. And all these refresh my mind before I get there.




Well, every year I plan some short trips beside the long one with my family. Today, I’m going to talk about one such short trip to Dhanolti, Uttarakhand, a very calm and serene place to get relaxed and rejuvenate your spirit.




In March this year, we made the 4 days trip to Dhanolti. This is a not so much known place. I have read about Dhanolti for the first time in a Travel group on Facebook, Tour Planner. It’s a hill station in the foothills of Himalayan range.Β 


Our journey started from Delhi by Nanda Devi Express, to the nearest station Dehradun. It took almost 6 hours to reach Dehradun and we took a cab from the station. Dhanolti is about 35 km from Dehradun. The cab took one and half hour to reach.


We stayed at Hotel Dhanolti Heights, GMVN:

We bookedΒ Super Deluxe room in the new building of Hotel Dhanolti Heights, GMVN. Here, I recommend to book rooms in the new building of the hotel as here, all the rooms are spacious, well-maintained. The staffs are very co-operative and humble. They serve very good quality of food as per your choice.







And, yes don’t look for a mall road in Dhanolti, nor any fanciful shopping arcade or joy ride on horses or yaks.


Where did We Visit:


Day 1: ECO Park:

ECO park is just beside the old building of Dhanolti Heights. As we reached the hotel early morning, after finishing our breakfast we visited ECO Park. Well decorated park looks very beautiful and a great place for kids with rides and newly wed couples, especially you walk up to Dhanolti top. The coniferous forests & the natural flora of this place make it worth a visit. There were some attractive varieties of trees on the way & in the park.






Day 2: Tehri Dam:


Next day, we took a cab to Tehri Dam, a perfect example of engineering marvel. It’s world’s one of the tallest dams.Β  The dam reservoir aka lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions, especially the people who are interested in boating.





First, the cab driver took us uphill to the Tehri Dam view point. Then, we came downhill for boating. Please don’t miss the lassi there. It tastes superb and gives your tongue a lovely experience. We had two glasses of it.







The next day we came back with a refreshed spirit.


In front of ECO Park



Way to Dhanolti top

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