5 Ways to Use Anantmool Powder: Know Your Herb.

Honestly speaking I had very little idea about Anantmool Powder and the ways to use it. I started my research on it when Kaneeka from Satguru Ayurved sent me this powder. I’m so impressed with one of the most versatile herb as I have started using it. I use this Ayurveda herb in my DIY face and hair masks. Hence, today’s post.

Anantmool, herb, benefits, usage, ayurveda



Anantmool Powder or Sarsaparilla:


 Anantmool or Indian Sarsaparilla, the well-known herb from the world of Ayurveda. 


Anantmool, Powder, benefits, uses

  1. With the strong anti-inflammatory properties, it gives an immediate cooling effect on the skin, therefore, can be used to reduce any redness, inflammation or swelling.
  2. Aids in various skin disorders like eczema, acne, pimples and cystic acne when used topically.
  3. Detoxifies the skin of impurities caused by environmental pollution.
  4. Improves the texture of hair and deeply nourishes it.
  5. Rejuvenates the skin and hair.
  6. The sweet woody cooling smell is refreshing and relaxes the senses.



Anantmool, Powder, benefits, uses


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The ways I Use Anantmool Powder in my DIY mask for Skin and Hair:



1. As a deep cleanser:


As this herb is a great detoxifier I use it once a week as face and body scrub. For this I take two TBS of the powder in a bowl. To activate it, I add water (rosewater/hydrosols). If you have dry skin, it’s suggested to add few drops of honey/carrier oil of your choice.


To use:

Apply the smooth paste on your skin and keep it for at least 2 minutes. Then rub with soft strokes for few seconds and wash off with water. You can immediately feel the difference. It will deliver a radiant, fresh-looking complexion. The skin surface becomes smooth and clear and my skin doesn’t feel tight at all. Suits my hyper sensitive skin well. I can’t see any irritations or redness on my skin.


Tip: The powder is smooth enough but to make the paste softer, add plenty of water. 


2. As a face mask:

You can use the powder as your weekend mask too. For this, add some curd (if you are sensitive to curd, add milk instead) and honey to two teaspoons of powder. You’re going to get a smooth paste for the skin.


To use:

Apply the mask on your face and keep for 8 to 10 minutes. Then wash off with water. The mask will help you to brighten up your complexion, remove pigmentation and treat acne.


Tip: If you think the mask is not smooth enough, add some rosewater or hydrosol. Always apply the mask at night to get the maximum benefits.


Anantmool, Powder, benefits, uses


3. As a skin cooler:


Mix aloe vera gel with Anantmool Powder and use it as a cooling treat of your skin. Apply on your skin, keep for few minutes and wash off.


It’s not necessary that you apply this pack only during summer. You can use it after coming back from work, irrespective of season. The harmful sun rays and outside harsh, environment damage our skin. So, to get rid of any damage or problem of skin it comes to rescue. The skin pack will deliver you a fresh, cool and hydrated skin, reduce sun tan. The cooling effect will act as a mood booster as well. 



4. Scalp Exfoliator:


It’s very true that only a healthy scalp can provide you with long, luscious and healthy hair. And you will be able to get this with this detoxifying, pore stimulating scalp exfoliator.


For the scrub, take 1 tablespoon each of Anantmool Powder, Neem powder and Bentonite clay. Add few drops of coconut oil and honey to it. Now activate them all add water to make the smooth, fluffy paste. Apply on the scalp, keep for 25 – 30 minutes. Before washing with a mild herbal shampoo, massage for few seconds. Massaging is recommended to boost circulation.



The hydrating and nourishing scrub is really unstoppable. The scrub helps to remove oil, any product build up and dead skin and also to boost shine, encouraging hair growth. It will also treat dandruff, itchy scalp. 



5. To whiten underarm area:


To lighten dark under arm and to soften the area, this mask works great. Mix 1 teaspoon each of Anantmool Powder and turmeric powder with plenty of milk and honey. Then apply the smooth paste on your underarm area and keep for 10 minutes. Gently rub for 1 minute and wash off with water. Buy the turmeric powder here.


Tip: For best result, use twice a week. 


Have you used this product? Do you have any other option to use this in your life? Let me know in the comments.


Thanks for reading.



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