A Review On Multani Mitti Natural Handmade Soap From FuschiaVKare

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Fuschiavkare again has sent me a handmade soap bar, Multani Mitti natural handmade soap. Seeing the soap with all the other products in the box, I became so excited, and started using from the very first day. You know, once there was a time when I was just on the opposite track. I didn’t use bar soaps at all. On the first collab, the Fuschiavkare sent me Arjuna Bark Natural Handmade Soap, I used and now I am in bar soaps. You can read the review here. Ok, let’s go ahead with this Multani Mitti one.


The Brand FuschiaVKare:

Fuschia is the range of Handmade Natural Skincare products by VKare. To read more visit here. All their products are Natural, Paraben free, Phthalate free, Sulfate free and Cruelty-free. They are suitable vegetarians and absolutely Eco-friendly. All these factors Have made Fuschia stand apart from most of the other cosmetics brands.

The Multani Mitti Natural Handmade soap:

The key ingredient, Multani mitti, popularly known as Fuller’s earth is a clay substance that is hugely popular for its healing property against acne and blemishes. It helps your skin many ways like diminishing pore sizes, removing blackheads and whiteheads, fading frakles, soothing sunburns, cleansing skin, improving complexion, making your skin glow.



Vegetable Glycerine Base, Olive oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Fuller’s Earth, Shea Butter, Rosewater, Sandalwood Oil.


Packaging And Price:

The off white soap bar comes wrapped in a brown plastic cover with geometric print. The name of the soap and the ingredients list are printed on one side and on the other the info about weight, price and all are printed. It looks simple but luxurious. It has a sweet floral smell. The soap costs Rs 225/-

My Experience:

I’ve been using the soap for almost two weeks and I think it is enough to say something about a soap. As I said the soap has a mild floral fragrance, but I can’t smell any of the ingredient in it. Though it’s mild and not any artificial fragrance. If it was my supar sensitive nose and skin couldn’t bear that. They would react for sure. My son also love the smell because of the mildness. Whatever, the frag is quite relaxing.


The soap forms a rich creamy lather and cleans the skin well without making it dry. It is non abrasive and gentle on the skin. My skin feels clean and soft after each bath. I can feel hydrated the whole day. The smell lingers for some times after bath. Overall, I am quite happy with the soap.

Have you used this or any other soap from FuschiaVKare? Share your experience here. I always love to hear your experiences. 

If you want to buy this soap or any other product from FuschiaVKare,  visit Myntra,  the websiteFacebook.


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  1. This brand has very good and wide range of skin care products … I have four skincare products from their range … truly love those … Nicely reviewed !!! definitely want to try this 🙂

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