A Review : StyleWe – Designers at Your Fingertips

There are a plenty of inspirational online fashion stores , providing exclusive and creative designs. The fashion conscious woman is definitely a woman of class who deserves class. She wants wearing best of fashion. With growing exposure to international media and fashion trends, there’s a need for a unique store where she may find her own exclusive designer clothing. She can see great designs paired with awesome products, easy-to-read fonts , simple , but detailed description of the products, easy checkouts and so on, sitting in the cosy corner of her bedroom.

StyleWe is such an online fashion shopping platform where the shoppers can purchase high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers. StyleWe brings together designers and fashion, covering many different styles with the hope that the customers may find their own unique designer fashions here. They believe that the style should be born with the interactive actions of the independent designers and fashion consumers. StyleWe provides the platform where the designers, instead of being hidden behind the brand, are able to communicate directly with their consumers throughout the entire fashion cycle. This is the reason why the brand claims that StyleWe is rather a mere online shopping store. They would like to create a community which will be shared both by designers and consumers. Here they can communicate, share ideas and recognise each other .

The Store :
As you visit the website, what you like about it, the simple, smart, colourful page. Their focus is more on product photos than the flashy scripts or other. But that doesn’t mean that they only show the products. There is full description of the product,  size chart , words about the designer , in a word  you can see everything you need to know at an online store before buying a product. You can visit the website here http://www.stylewe.com

My View :

To be honest, I have not buy anything from the store, but I visited a number of times. What I like much, the simple, but trendy dresses, the variety, the design. As summer is on now, specially I visited the summer dresses section . Actually in summers, the summer dresses are the easiest way to perfect your personal style. When the weather is warm , you don’t want to worry about coordinating complicated outfits and like to go for a good summer dress , so that you can throw on carefree , smart and pretty. Whether you are after something casual, or something fancy a  summer dress is the easiest way to make you confident and comfortable. And to buy them you have to visit StyleWe where you can discover perfect summer dresses from their wide range of designs. Now, click on the following link to see the best ‘Summer Strapless Dresses’ of 2016.

Click here

My Pick :

I am a red person, as I describe myself.  Whatever I want to buy , be it a lipstick or a handbag, maybe a dress , I wander around the reds. So , when I visited StyleWe, what attracts me first a Red Classic Lace Top Belt Line Detail Maxi Dress from AQUARIUS. It is a perfect casual partywear , though a bit pricey, but to look beautiful, the fashion conscious women don’t compromise. You can see it here:

Click here

Love fashion shopping, me too. So , let’s visit StyleWe . When you buy, share me your feelings in the comment section below and till then buy. Happy shopping. 💕💟💝

Stay tuned, more reviews are coming.

Note :

All the views are my own . I have not written anything under any pressure.

All the  pictures are taken from the StyleWe website.


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