Be In Style On Your Bad Hair Days.

We all face it when our hair just won’t listen to us, it just won’t behave as it’s supposed to. Due to the weeklong busy schdule, meetings, deadlines, we may not get the time to spend for shampooing, conditioning or blow drying in the morning. But, bad hair day doesn’t mean to hide ourselves at the corner of our room. We have to face the world. We cannot miss the best friend’s party or any outing with that special person only due to the bad hair day. 

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“But don’t let bad hair days stop you. Manage it like a boss”.

Here, I am trying to give you some easy tips on “how to deal with a bad hair day gracefully”. So, let’s scroll down.

1. Braids Are The Saviour:

Braids are all time best hairstyles on the bad hair days. Though they look quite formal, you can turn on them even in bridal parties or red carpet too. You can go for tight braids and finish with a glossing spray. It will make the hair a kind of shiny. Or creat one french braid which looks amazing on a bad hair day. Just make sure that it is not too tight. French braid is the best hairstyle with frizzy hair.

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2. Ponytails are the Lifesavers: 

On the bad hair days ponytails become the trusted lifesaver. It is so versatile that you can wear it in every occassion, whether it is formal or informal/casual. For work try classy and sleek pony when for outing with friends messy ponytail.






Fun With Bun:

Bun is my altime favorite on bad hairday formal or casual look. You can play with several types of buns, like Loop Bun, Messy Bun, The Low Side Bun. The loop bun is a nice alternative to messy bun. Let’s have a look.







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Go Colorful With Bobby Pins:

This style is exclusively for short hair gals. Long hair beauties also can do with your buns, ponies or braids. Pick up bobby pins of several colors and scatter them everywhere around the head you want to. You can arrange them in a pattern too.


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Change Your Part:

Fight your bad hair day with this simple but effective style. Yes, simply change your part and you will find the volume on the other side. You can get the better style too.


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Pick Up A Bandana:

Ofcourse, it works and may give you a boho chick style. You don’t have any. Not to worry, your scarves will help you or find out very old dupatta, and bring out the best artist in you.


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Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo is your best friend on a bad hair day. You can get them all major online stores. BBlunt, Batiste are some brands those who have brought dry shampoos. You can see them on NykaaAmazon.




I think the article will help you in your busy days. If you have any other suggestions, you can share. They will help us lot. 

Thans for reading.


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