Become A Happy And Healthy Mom With Mamaearth Stress Relief Tea & Feel Better Tea.

May you be a mom, or a college girl or a working lady, every woman struggles with stress or anxiety for most of her adult life. As a working mom, I am also dealing with stress regularly. But, I never rely on any medication. Rather, I feel refreshed with yoga, listening to good music, family life and a huge stash of warm tea. But, if you can keep the hand on a tea that has herbs and ingredients meant to calm and relax your senses, don’t you think that’ll be great? Yes, I’m talking about Traditional Recipes Stress Relief Tea and Feel Better Tea from the brand Mama Earth. 





Mama Earth has recently launched new products under the name of Traditional Recipes to bring the traditional recipes into the well being of moms or to-be moms. From these new launches, they have sent me two varieties, Stress Relief Tea and Feel Beter Tea. Now, let me share my experiences about these two.


Stress Relief Tea:

Parental stress is the second most important factor in child’s well-being and so, Stress Relief Tea is here to help them relieve some of that stress. The tea is made of Herbs like Sarsaparilla Root and Cinnamon Bark which have been known for their soothing and calming effect for centuries.





The Herbs in Stress Relief Tea:

1. Indian Sarsaparilla Root: With its Saponins, Sterols, and antioxidants, Sarsaparilla Root has been known to ease mental and physical fatigue and improve immunity. It also cleans blood and removes toxins from the body.

2. Cinnamon Bark Ext: Cinnamon bark relieves stress, boosts immunity and protects from heart diseases. It is also known to eliminate the risk of cancer.

3. Ginger Root: Ginger contains a potent antioxidant, Gingerol, which helps eliminate the harmful chemicals our body produces when we are worried, hence reducing stress.

4. Eucalyptus Leaf: Eucalyptus is great for relieving stress, increasing energy and relieving muscle and joint pain. It reduces inflammation in the blood vessels and arteries, thereby protecting you from heart attacks and strokes.




Directions For Use:

To get maximum benefits out of these teas always prepare them properly. Pour 200ml freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a ceramic cup, cover it while it steeps and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. All these steps greatly influence the yield of beneficial components that will end up in your teacup. Gently squeeze the tea bag to release the remaining ext. Drink two cups daily between meals.


Price: INR 599 for a pack of 30 bags.



The tea bags come in a tin container on which all the info about the tea, brand name and the name of the product is printed.









My Experience:

I take this tea twice as directed by the brand. As a teacher, taking regular classes is a stressful job. So, I take at daytime between my classes. As I take higher classes, I have to talk much and that damages my throat. So after taking 2-3 classes, when I sip the tea, I get refreshed at once and it gives instant relief to my sore throat too. And the second cup, I take in the evening after coming back and then the tea boosts my energy level to do my household duties, especially helps me tackle my naughty younger son. I get a happy feel, each time I drink the tea. So, it can be said that Stress Relief tea does exactly what the brand claims.


Feel Better Tea:

Becoming a mom is no cakewalk, rather acidity and low immunity can make it more difficult. Feel Better tea protects her from all the infections while strengthening her immune system. It helps settle the stomach, aid in digestion and revive her for the day. A handcrafted blend of mint, ginger, chamomile and other soothing herbs, the tea calms the unwanted stomach issues while making her strong inside.




The Herbs In The Feel Better Tea:

1. Nettle Leaf: Nettle is a strong antioxidant that purifies blood and cures an upset stomach. It also helps in skin issues like acne, eczema etc.

2. Chamomile: It calms the nervous system, builds immunity and aids in digestion. It also helps in sleep better by relaxing your nervous system.

3. Mint: It boosts the immune system, esp, against a common cough and cold. The tea also helps in reducing menstrual cramps.

4. Ginger: It aids in digestion, reduces nausea, helps manage imbalances in the gut and builds immunity.




Directions For Use:

Pour 200 ml freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a ceramic cup, cover the cup, and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Gently squeeze the tea bag to release the remaining ext and drink daily between meals.

Price: INR 599 for 30 tea bags.



The tea bags come in a cardboard box with every info about the product including the name of the product and the brand.






My Experience:

I take this tea twice a day, sometimes thrice too. The sweet aroma in it is very refreshing and immediately boosts you up. It’s not bitter at all. As I drink the tea, it gives my senses an immediate boost and I feel relaxed. After having for regular 2 weeks, it has made my digestion system far better. Digestion is a great problem with me, for what I had to take medicines too. But for 1 week, I haven’t taken any medicine. Moreover, recently I made a trip to South India, where I didn’t have to take any antacid which I normally would take in my every trip. As the tea has improved my digestion, I have put off some weight too. And this result has made me really feel better.

Disclaimer: Herbal Tea should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also avoid these if you have a known hypersensitive to Nettle Plant or any plant within Persely family like Fennel seed. This product was sent to me by the brand for honest review. This tea is not a significant source of vitamins and minerals. Under no circumstances exceed the prescribed dosage.


After reading, you might be thinking of trying them out. So, don’t think much and buy them now to be a beautiful and happy mom. 

Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


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