Double Cleansing, The 1st Step In My Beauty Ritual.

Double Cleansing involves washing your skin in two ways. I have Incorporated it in my daily ritual for awhile. And I have experienced wonderful result. Let’s talk about it.

Cleansing is an important part of my daily skincare ritual. Proper facial cleansing leads to healthy, flawless, and youthful looking skin that everyone must dream of. My mother, the skincare expert of mine since childhood, always would value to the cleansers that might be gentle, hydrating, nourishing and don’t strip of our natural oils, providing a clean canvas for the next steps. And double cleaning do all these with great expertise.


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What is double cleaning?

Double cleansing is a very gentle method that doesn’t compromise natural skin barrier with harsh cleansers helping protect skin and keep it balanced. It includes using cleansing oil, balm or micellar water followed by water-based cleanser. The first step draws out oil based impurities like  makeup, sunscreen, sebum while water-based cleansers remove sweat, dirt, dead skin cells and also the residues that oil cleansers leave behind. 

How Do I Double Cleanse:

At the first step, I take required amount of cleansing oil or balm on my palm and rub with other palm to warm it and apply on face and neck until makeup or other impurities have dissolved. Do this with soft strokes. Then I spray very little water to emulsify the oil and massage for few seconds. I wipe them off with crochet cleansing pad (you can use cotton pad too) to make my face and neck ready for the step two.

Double Cleansing, The first step in my beauty ritual.

My collection of cleansing balms

The second step involves that our old-fashioned foaming or creamy lathering cleansers to get deeper into the pores. You can use this.

Double Cleansing, the first step in my beauty ritual

Currently using these face washes

At my second cleansing, I also use powder cleansers thrice a week, especially in the morning. Do you know, powder cleansers are the best cleansing agents for sensitive skin? You can customize the paste as per your requirement. The amount of water/ other liquid you add affects the exfoliation intensity. For light cleansing use plenty of liquid. You can add a little less if you will go for deep exfoliation.

For powder cleansers you can trust solely on skincarevillashop.

Double Cleansing, the first step in my beauty ritual

My stock of powder cleansers

Should I Double Cleanse in the Morning:

This is the most frequently asked questions asked by many of my friends! “Do I need to double cleanse in the morning, as I don’t wear makeup or SPF at bed? But, it should be cleared that these two are not the only thing the oil cleansers remove. They also remove sebum and oil-based impurities we gather overnight. Believe me, your skin will look fresh and bright throughout the day after you do double cleanse in the morning too.

So, it’s true that regardless of your skin type or age, double cleansing is necessary for everyone, everyday, morning and night. With this, I strongly recommend to use SPF, whether it’s summer or winter, sunny or cloudy and drink plenty of water, eat fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Do you double cleanse? What are your favourite products? 

You can buy my favorite sunscreen here.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


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  1. Main daily makeup apply nahi karti aur double cleansing kuch din pehle hi suna hai, to habit me aaney me thoda time lagega 😊
    Main alternate days per scrub jarur use karti hu, toner , facial oils n vit c serum daily use karti hu

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  6. I never know about double cleansing method and it’s importance. These tips is going to help a lot in maintaining my skin.

  7. I didn’t know the steps of double cleansing. Thanks for sharing the process. Will definitely try it

  8. I have been doing double cleansing as a ritual for the last few couple of years now. It has been a blessing for my skin

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