Eat & Be Healthy with Eat Anytime Nutrition Bars and Healthy Energy Bars

I always look for some healthy snack to fulfill my midday food cravings. And I have got mine, when the brand Eat Anytime has sent me some snack bars. And the bars find their way into my diet morning, noon, and night. So, I think I should tell you about them so that you don’t have to search much like me. So, let’s start with the healthy bars from Eat Anytime.



In our busy life, we always don’t get time for having our meals at proper time, or skipping the meals or, when we think of having some, we put in our mouth and stomach with unhealthy junk foods whose obvious effect is stomach upset, mood swings, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease and many more health ailments. At this, we need some healthy bars, that may fill our stomach and at the same time keep us healthy. Keeping this in the mind Eat Anytime has started their journey of making “Eat Any Time (E.A.T.) BARS, so that health was available for all, at all times to simply by E.A.Ting!”



Eat Anytime has sent me 4 variants of the bars in a very cute box.




“EAT Anytime Nutrition Bars are Healthy Energy bars which are wholesome and healthy snacks made of 100% natural ingredients such as Dates, Nuts, Oats, Seeds, etc.

Each product is carefully blended under the supervision of a Nutritionist to provide you a perfect Balanced Meal packed in pocket sized healthy energy bars.

Try out all our exotic flavors and make snack times, fun times with EAT Anytime Nutrition Bars.”


The variants are:

1.  Peanut butter & Choco.




2. Mango Ginger.



3.  Orange.




4. Bambaiya Chaat.





1. Peanut butter & Choco:

“We have a product for you which will feed a simple but decadent confection that used to quell the urge to dip your chocolate bar in the peanut butter. You can resort to Chocolate Peanut Butter bar as a therapy to turn your bad day to a good one and as a mini party retreat you can share with your loved one to make it your day.”





Oats, rice crispy, Almonds, peanuts, honey, Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, etc.

Price : 50 INR for 38g.
Available on Amazon


My Experience:

If you think you will get a chocolate bar in a nutritional way, then it’s a big no. The bar has a nice taste though and the peanut butter lover will enjoy it.
You can feel oats and seeds while chewing.

2. Mango Ginger:

“Never miss the taste of mango ginger anytime. Any season your longing for the mango ginger smoothie’s flavour will be contented by the Mango Ginger snack bar from Eat Anytime. This energy bar is bestowed upon all of us as bliss from the king of fruits alphonso mango. Boost your immune system with all natural flavours which liquesce in your mouth to bring a squish of nutriment on the go.”




Black dates, almonds, mango, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ginger powder, salt, vitamin E, preservatives, flavour (Mango).

Price: 50/- for 38g.

Available on Amazon




My Experience:

You smell the mango on your first bite, but as you chewing the mild smell of ginger will hit your nose. The bar really tastes amazing. I love its mouthwatering tangy taste in every bite.


3. Orange:

“The goodness of health with a twist of tangy orange makes your eating experience more fruitful. Meet the all-rounder with a perfect balance of hidden whole foods is sure to amplify the fun with munch of oats and almonds. A titillating and mouth-watering base of dates with a splash of orange brings you a taste that will boggle your mind and boost your energy levels to a new high. . This flavour is liked by not only the fruitarians but also the people who due to their busy lifestyle do not have the access to fresh fruits won’t miss them if they taste the orange flavor in the EAT Anytime Fitness bar which is far more nutritious and healthier.”




black dates, almond, oats, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, preservatives, orange flavour.

Price: 50/- for 40g.

Available on Amazon.



My Experience:

It smells and tastes as tangy orange drinks like Rasna. It’s not very sweet too, but a taste that even the kids will like. Moms, your problems are being solved now.😁😍


4. Bambaiya Chaat:

We all have cravings for the roadside Chaat. Am I right? But no more sacrificing the taste for good health. EAT Anytime Bambaiya Chaat has just fulfilled your prayers and brought to you the taste of Bambaiya Chaat along with the goodness of health and hygiene. Healthier, tastier and nuttier than ever, this bar will surely leave you craving for more.





Oats, Rice crispy, Almond, Wheat flakes, peanuts, honey, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Quinoa seeds, Casein, Masala blend, Palm Kernel oil, Edible gum, Preservatives, Allergy regulator.


Price: INR 50/- for 38g.

Available on Amazon.



My Experience:

I never had Bambaiya chat, but being a Bong, I eat Kolkattya chat, and honestly now I don’t have to sacrifice my chat cravings. Yep, I can have this snack bar. My sons also love it, so am going to adding this to my cart😂😂.


Overall, I am happy to get in hand some healthy substitutes of my snacks and meal. Now, I don’t have to think much about my daily midday meal in my school (I’m a teacher, not a student😂😂). I strongly recommend these bars to every one, whether you are a student or working mom, here’s something for you to try. And moms you can also pick them up for your kids, they will love it.


Thanks for reading. More are coming up soon.

* P.R. samples


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  1. Trystwithvanillagirl

    I always prefer snacking on granola bars. I have not tried this brand but will live to explore.Thanks for sharing

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