Ethical Fashion Is The New Black #NYFashionTrain

Our #NYFashionTrain intiated by WillingPen  has left its station to carry you all to A New Year, A New Hope, New Trend, A New Fashion. And, you already have read about the fashion trends from two fashionistas, Ruchie of WigglingPen And Dipika of gleefulblogger.

Today, it’s my turn to take forward the journey and I am talking about a new trend in the Fashion World: Ethical Fashion or Sustainable Fashion, the fashion made with love, love for environment, animals and the Earth.


What is Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical Fashion:

Ethical Fashion is an approach to support sustainable livelihood, using or developing eco-friendly fabrics and components that are good for our skin too. Ethical Fashion which is also called Organic Fashion, is a fashion revolution that not only stands for sustainable fashion, but works for animal welfare too. It strives to take an active role in poverty reduction, and maximizing the the benefits to people while minimising the environmental impact, ethical sourcing, fair pay practices and zero wastage policies.



Well Made clothes with 100% hammered silk satin. Image: source

The Key Features on which Ethical Fashion works:

  1. Sustainable products: Some brands while others focus on the use of organic fibres that use less chemicals and pesticides in their production and, therefore, cause less environmental harm.


images (6)

Dress made with Organic bamboo fibre. Image

  1. Vegan or Cruelty-free: Products have been made using man made materials without using animal skin or animal by-products.

made from natural & synthetic fabrics good for animals, people & the planet. Image: source

  1. Ethically Produced: Some brands gives emphasis on making products from renewable sources like plant cellulose extracted from beech trees or bamboo plants or selecting renewable energy sources like wind, solar etc at every stage..

Emma Watson wearing a Louis Vuitton dress made from Newlife recycled polyester, created from used plastic bottles. Image: Source

  1. Fair Trade: It focuses on the working conditions of laborers, that is how much they get paid, or what their working conditions are like, gender equality etc.PicsArt_12-22-12.26.09

Ethical Fashion in India:

Although in India, Ethical Fashion is not so popular, but some brands and designers are working really hard to bring Ethical Fashion in the mainstream. Going beyond beautiful designs, they emphasize on fair practices, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. Here are some looks from Indian designers.


unnamed (1)

Image: source

With the growing Fashion Movement in India, Beauty Industry is also seriously offering their products Natural, Handcrafted, Free from all nasties and Cruelty free. 

One of which is VLCC, the brand that needs no introduction and has sponsored our #NYFashionTrain to make it successful.

Guided by their motto “Transforming Lives“  VLCC seeks to spark self-transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life.




They are providing amazing offers too. To know more about their products and those offers head over to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.

Now, I am giving my baton to next fashionista Nisha from Highongloss. Nisha always has been quite passionate about, beauty, makeup & fashion. As life gave her a chance, she started blogging about her favorite things. She has never been so happy and content with life.



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  1. Very well raised the ethical side of fashion. In fact I really love the work of few designers who work to promote the weavers and articians of Indian recently saw a lot of play with Khaadi with hand embroided stuff by village women being sold at a designer store. I hope we soon move to all this.

  2. This sounds so nice and also creates a warm feeling in the heart ! The Indian designs are astounding so are the other. Very well written Shree 🙂

  3. Loved your take on ethical fashion. Ethical fashion in India is going international and it’s something we should be proud of. Great compilation. Very well researched.

  4. I have heard a lot about this trend in Fashion, but never got the chance to learn about it properly. Today read it in details and understood it well, and I truly admire this initiative. Thank you for sharing this valuable movement with us.
    Thank you for refer in your valuable post.

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