Festive Look: Part 2- Night Outfit

Festivals are approaching. And it’s my second post where I have created my festive night outfit look. Scroll down to read more.


Every woman wants to stand apart during festivals. She tries to create a unique identity through her total look. And she puts her best foot forward with stylish outfits, jewellery and smart makeup. This is the time of the year when there are so many celebrations to attend. In each event you might want to look stylish, or to bring a bit of glitz and glamour to your appearance. So, I have come today to share with you a night look I wish to create this season.


Festive Night Outfit


Festive night look


In my last post, I showed you my traditional Pooja look. Then I wore a saree and loaded myself with golden jewellery. Today, as its for night celebration, I have picked up a black gown and accessorised it accordingly.



Festive, night, look



You’ll never go wrong with a black dress. It looks fabulous on almost all. A black outfit gives a lot of scope to experiment. It can be mixed with all sorts of colors and can be teamed up with a variety of accessories. And You will look chic, hot and sexy. 


Festive, night, look,


You can see a lot of fashionistas swinging all the black yet stylish outfits. It also represents the effect of luxury. This neutral color is suitable for every season and can be used for parties, festivals and also on the streets. 


You can wear a black outfit as casual during daytime. And accessorised you can create evening party wear. The dress I have worn today, is a bit metallic which is a trend now. This outfit is a sure-fire way to dazzle.


Festive, night, look,


You might be wondering what jewellery you will team up with your black dress. You can choose anything when it comes to matching a black gown. You can opt for elegant pendant neckpiece or no neckpiece at all. As it’s for a night party, you can consider wearing tasteful costume jewellery just to add sparkle. You might go for simple bracelet or bangles embellished with white stones. A big size ring can be added to the list. Ohh, yes pearls also can be a good choice.



Festive, night,


My makeup here compliments the occasion and the dress too. Any makeup works with a black dress. I have created smokey eye with bold red lipstick. You opt for nude lips too. Some says that bold lips don’t go with loud eyes. But, you know, makeup is a woman’s personal choice. What say? You may like wearing loud make-up, or light one. Or may you be a no makeup person. The important things are the occasion, time of the day and the color of the dress. When you create your makeup, should keep in mind these three factors.


As black is a neutral color, whatever you put on your face, will be complimented. Though you have to play a bit safe. Play with lipsticks if you want the full attention both on you and your dress. Bold colors are obvious then. They may be red, purple, magenta. If you want to be revolutionary, go for blue or black.


Festive, ni


If you are a fashion lover, the festive seasons are the best time to go ahead and experiment with your normal look. You know this muted color, black is extremely versatile and gives numerous chances to play with. So, jazz up your Navratri or Durgapuja look. Go ahead and start shopping. Isn’t it shopping season too?



Makeup done by my friend Paromita Dutta.

Photography: Afridi’s Creation

The black dress from Jimmy’s Creation



Thanks for reading. For any queries and feedback you can get in touch with me on Instagram. You can also comment here. I am always there to hear from you. If you create the look, post on Facebook or Instagram tagging me. I’ll happily repost them.

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