Get Healthy Glow With Watermelon Exfoliator From Nakedly Yours.

You have seen in my last few posts, I am bringing in front of you some new brands, those who are marketing products handcrafted naturally and organically. In this series of new brands, today I am going to tell you about a brand that is passionate about concocting exquisite 100% vegetarian bath and beauty range with a whole load of naked ingredients and naked packaging. And the brand is Nakedly Yours. I have purchased three products from the website, Watermelon Exfoliator, Pink Panther Calming Kaolin Face Mask, and All English Bar Lavender and Oatmeal Soap. Here, I am going to tell you about The Watermelon Exfoliator.




The Brand: Nakedly Yours:

Nakedly yours is a brand that has started manufacturing bath and beauty products, inspired by nothing but the abundant nature around. All of their products are Au natural, Handcrafted and Cruelty-free. They source ethical and honest ingredients from local farmers all over India to create an economic opportunity for them. And they show their humanity not testing the products on animals. All the products are tested and reviewed by human volunteers. The brand believes in eco-friendly packaging. And I have seen it in the packaging of the products I have bought. Another feather in their cap is empowering transgenders, differently abled and less fortunate people by hiring them to work with them. To know more explore to their Facebook Page.




Watermelon Exfoliator ( Fruity Watermelon & Sweet Basil):

This tropical scrub with watermelon scrub and sweet basil seeds and coconut oil will sure set your holiday mood on. This power packed scrub will exfoliate your skin and leave it radiant and soft.


Skin Type: Normal to Oily








Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Basil Seeds, Food Grade Watermelon Essence, Food Grade Color.




Sea Salt:

It keeps your skin bright and beautiful, by pushing all toxins out of your body. Being the source of vital vitamins and minerals, sea salt keeps the skin hydrated, when rubbing on the skin, it boosts blood circulation and makes the skin supple, firm and youthful.


Cocoa Butter:

Being a reach source of anti-oxidants and fatty acids, it’s a natural healer of dry, flaky and sensitive skin, and many skin disorders. cocoa butter can battle any type of scar, be it acne scar or a scar from the cut, burn etc.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil in a body scrub can moisturize your skin while removing the dead skin cells. It will make your skin softer, suppler and smoother, giving a healthy glow. You can get through the article The Most Underrated Beauty Hero: Coconut Oil to know more about Coconut oil.

Sweet Basil Seeds:

Sweet Basil Seeds which is also known as Sabja looks like chia seeds. It is with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, used to treat skin infections, wounds, cuts, and inflammation.


Packaging And Price:

The exfoliator comes in a transparent plastic jar with a black screw lid, with the name and ingredients and other info printed on a pink label. The nice pink colored scrub has a heavenly scent of candies. Don’t know how long I can resist myself from eating. The 100 gms product costs Rs 450/- ( approx).





My Experience:

The exfoliator is like if you use once cannot stay away from it. I’ve been using it for three weeks and during this period used five times, though I know scrubbing should be done once in a week. I couldn’t see any instruction on the label about how to use the exfoliator. So, I applied my own experience of using scrubbers like this. The first day, I applied it on my wet skin, taking it out from the jar directly. But, saw it a bit messy. Then I started mixing with water and apply and it’s become very easy and comfortable to use. And once I have mixed with watermelon juice and grapeseed oil, before applying. What’s the result? In all the uses, the results are all same. It has reduced dirt, pollutants, and tan, giving me a soft and supple skin. Better to say it will give a polished and glowing skin that you will get only after you get through a good spa. You have to make a big hole in your pocket then, but here you will spend much less.




Mixed with watermelon juice and grapeseed oil



So, what do you say? Is it worth buying? Yes. And a very little amount is needed too. A jar will give you at least 6/7 times exfoliation if you use on your whole body. But remember, don’t use it on your face. Want to buy? Shop here (Direct Link).


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more new brands and their products.






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