Herblife Red Wine Gel: Benefits and Best Uses

You know, I have a habit of using new products every now and then. As a blogger, I get the chance to use many new products. Some of them I buy, some are sent by the brands to review. For quite a while I was thinking of trying a product containing red wine because of its long lasting benefits on skin. So, when Herb Life approached me to select some products from their range, I picked up Red Wine gel.


Red Wine Gel, brightening, Soothing skin


Though I don’t have any wrinkles or fine lines, and my skin complexion is radiant, I wanted to give it a try. To be honest I expected a lot from this product. Let’s see what it has done to my skin.


Why I was so eager to try Red Wine gel:


Red Wine, being known as the powerhouse of antioxidants, is very good for skin. It is truly said that red wine helps one age better. It provides nutrition to the skin.




  • Protects skin from free radicals and thus helps fight skin aging.
  • Promotes growth of healthy skin tissues and restores collagen.
  • With its antibacterial properties red wine treats acne breakouts. It also removes acne scars or any kind of spots.
  • Red wine improves skin complexion giving you a healthy glow.



Red Wine Gel, brightening, Soothing skin



Ingredients of Herb Life Red Wine gel:


Red wine, aloe vera, glycerin, water and a natural preservative.


Price: INR 100 for 50 ml. Buy here.




The gel comes in a glass jar with metal screw lid. I think if it would be in a bottle packaging, the product could be easier to use. It’s my humble request to the brand to think about it.


Red Wine Gel, brightening, Soothing skin


Herb Life Red Wine gel:


This gel looks like honey while in the jar, but when you pour on your palm the color turns into golden. It has a very runny consistency, not at all as thick gel like texture. You have to use a spoon or spatula to scoop the mask out as it comes in a jar, not in a bottle. If you use your fingers, please make sure that your fingers are well cleaned.


Red Wine Gel, brightening, Soothing skin


It smells like red wine. If you like the smell of red wine you’re going to enjoy the smell. This means that the brand hasn’t added any artificial fragrance. So, the sensitive skin people can use without any hesitation. The smell is not overpowering. If you are sensitive to smells (some can not stand perfume like scents), you will be happy.


How do I use:

I use the gel in different ways.


  1. Sometimes I use as a sleeping mask. First, I double cleanse my skin. Then apply a toner followed by a serum. Now, spread thick layer of the gel on my face and neck. Leave on overnight and wash off in the morning with slightly warm water. I do this twice a week.
  2. Every morning I use under my SPF to get matte finish. Thus I can protect my face from harmful sun rays and environment hazards.
  3. I add the gel with my weekly face mask too. Every Sunday, in the evening I apply a face mask, activating with red wine gel and liquid.
  4. Another use is mixing with Herb Life Nalpamarathi Thailam. After coming back from work, I apply this mixture to soothe my skin. After washing off I immediately get refreshed.



How do I feel:


When I use as the sleeping mask, my skin feels baby soft and looks brighter in the morning. I feel so fresh and clean after washing off. I’ve been using under Sunscreen for quite a long time and I can find my skin, especially during these dry months nicely healthy and hydrated. I think this is the best use of the gel. The gel takes few seconds to absorb into the skin. But when absorbs, you don’t feel like anything applied. I don’t feel any greasiness.



Red Wine Gel, brightening, Soothing skin

For wrinkles, I can’t say much as I don’t have even any fine lines. But my suggestion, if you use it to get reduced your wrinkles or fine lines, you have to use daily for quite a long time. There are no miracles and you don’t wake up in the morning with the flawless skin just in a day.



I would definitely continue using the gel and going to repurchase this after finishing up the current one. And also recommend you, especially those who have dull, tired skin.


Thanks for reading.


*Kindly gifted.




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