Here is my story to step forward to #organdonation #pledgeandsavelife



In our family, when for the first time my father talked about Organ Donation, I was really shocked to be honest. It was almost about 20 years ago when Organ Donation was not so popular concept in India. One of his friends told my father to register himself to become a body donor and organ donor. Hearing this both the parents of mine agreed to proceed. But, I couldn’t accept the idea firstly. Then, I started talking to people and at the same time started my research on Google.





What did I come to know:


Organ Donation is to allow one’s organ to be removed and transplanted to another person, either by one’s consent or with the consent of one’s family. When body donation is to donate one’s whole body after one’s death for the purpose of research and education. In short, organ Donation is giving someone’s life back to one’s loved ones, to bring them back to their kin.


Here comes the date: 3rd October, 2018.  And my mom left us after four years of fight against dreadful cancer. We got the chance to fulfill her dream to serve the mankind. I called the person who deals with the donation registration. But, he told us that they don’t take the organ or whole body of a cancer patient. This made us out of sorts. That person, understanding our grief told us to wait for sometime and asked us the the month of last chemotherapy. It was six months and hearing this the doctor there confirmed that they were going to take out her eyes ( she registered her eyes to donate) and they took the eyes within 2 hours and we headed over to the hospital to donate her body. Everything was happened smoothly enough.




So, my mom is not there, but her eyes can see this wonderful nature, can read books, can paint a nice picture. Her body has given the opportunity to the students to understand the human anatomy. This is our satisfaction. We can’t get her back but she’s still alive. Me and my father also have registered ourselves for Organ Donation.


After reading this, if you get inspired, please proceed and registering yourselves to donate your organs and bring a husband to his wife, a son to his mother, a friend to his friend.


Lastly, I want to thank Ila Verma, my fellow blogger blogs on to get me the opportunity to talk to you about #organdonation.




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