How My Life Looks like In Quarantine

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Hopefully, you are all safe and are smart enough to stay at home. We are passing through a difficult situation now. A time never seen before! Don’t you think that our life has paused for a while? And some may feel depressed or demotivated. No, I haven’t come here to discuss about COVID-19 crisis. You might have watched much discussions on TV and social media about this. Instead, I want to show you how productive my days of #QuarantineLife may look like during social-distancing.


We are now adopting a new way of life. The educational institutions are closed, many are working from home, the moms are trying to balance work and child care. We are looking for new ways of spending time at home to get rid of boredom and be positive. We have to cope with the situation and feel better when we’re struggling against the uncertainty brought to us. So, here I’m going to share my simple daily routine that has helped me a lot to cope. Let’s hope it may motivate you to think positively.




Lifestyle, quarantine, lockdown, days

Roaming on the terrace is to find solace in my own company


At the beginning, I would also be feeling depressed. It’s really a tough time when you are forced to stay inside, away from all kinds of socializing. The school where I am a teacher, is shut down, I had to cancel my trip to Darjeeling, the maid was on leave. It was a real struggle. But, I’m starting to settle into my #QuarantineLife. Besides all household chores, I am trying to use this time of to explore something new or the existing ones in a new way. The list includes feeling the calm and quiet outside environment, self-care activities, cooking, joining online workshop and working seriously on my passion, blogging.


Let’s get into my life in Quarantine:


Basically, I am an early riser. To start the day. I would always get up at 5.30, no matter what time I sleep at night. The first thing I do after waking up, is to check my phone. And I have no guilt feeling for this. I love to check the chats on whatsapp, reply to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and blog comments. Maybe, people have their opinions about whether it’s a healthy lifestyle or not. But, it makes me feel happy and refreshed to start the day better.



Lifestyle quarantine, lockdown, days

All I ever wanted is a little patch of green.


Nowadays, when I don’t have to go for work, I spend a little time sitting at my balcony. I don’t remember when I saw such clear sky and experienced such calm and peaceful outside environment. I love to hear the birds chirping, to feel the sweet breeze. So many birds I am watching now, those I didn’t think will be seen again. I also use the time in the morning to take photos for my blog or Instagram feed.



Then, comes the tea time. It’s the best time of the day when we three (my sons and me) spend a quality time with the tea cups in hand. It gives me a lovely mood. I think, my sons also are loving this. As in our busy schedule we hardly get time to sit together and talk or discuss about anything (music, movie or politics) happening in the world.



Now, it’s the time to go to the kitchen for making our breakfast and lunch. This is the most tedious addition to my morning routine since lockdown began. I’m not at all love cooking. I’m trying to motivate myself. But, to be honest I am not able to cope with this only.


When I’m done with all chores, move onto my skincare regime. It’s a simple yet consistent routine. I don’t go through 7-steps or 10-steps skincare ritual. But whatever steps are there, I follow, them religiously. This includes cleansing, toning, applying serum and moisturizing. In the morning, I apply the moisturizer with SPF and at night, a nourishing one. I want to talk about my skincare regime in a separate post. As many of you are asking for this since long.


Lifestyle, quarantine, lockdown, life

Skincare gives me positive vibes



As I don’t have to go to work, I can indulge myself to some Me-time. I’m getting enough time to explore new things, to pamper myself well and put more time for reading, writing and learning. This is really what I appreciate about this period. Nowadays, I’m reading a lot. Sometimes they’re fictions, or classics or sometimes I pick up books on aromatherapy or skincare in general.



Also, I have joined some workshops to learn more about facial oils/ body oils. These are offering in-depth knowledge of how to use oils on my skin, or what are the benefits of different oils and also helping me make DIY skincare products according to my needs.



Lifestyle, quarantine, lockdown, life




Oh, I didn’t tell you how I spend the afternoon. I go to the terrace of our appartment to get the fresh air and watch the setting sun. Also, I spend lots of my time talking to friends + relatives! I am missing them a lot. I think you all are doing the same way as me. I think it’s the best way to stay connected with people by calling them. And it can be a good way also to manage the quarantine blues.


Lifestyle quarantine, lockdown, days


I’ve been watching a lot of movies and webseries nowadays. Just finished Mirzapur, Madhuri Talkies, Bhaukaal and Four more shots please and some Bengali series.


Till date, this is my life in Quarantine. I am trying to adopt the new way of life to the best of my abilities. One thing, I have realised that little things in our lives really matter! And a serious question has arisen in my mind, “Was it so necessary to be so busy as we were before?” ” Did our too much busy schedule make us mentally ill?” I seriously want to know your thoughts.  





Do you have any tip on how one can handle the life during this tough time? Please let us know, so that we can carry on our lives more smoothly.


Thanks for reading.



Love from Shreemayee.








































17 thoughts on “How My Life Looks like In Quarantine”

  1. This lockdown has been hard on a lot of us. Most people are struggling through the day and are barely able to get going. It is not the kind of break that we were looking for, however, by force of nature we are given this break.
    Most importantly, we have to be grateful to have a secure place to live in, healthy food to eat and family and friends to cherish.
    One of the ways, that i am trying to get through is by picking half completed hobbies from the past. I picked up my guitar recently, I was surprised to notice that I had forgotten some of the songs that I used to play. Reading those unfinished books is a great idea.
    I am sure there is something to do for everyone as long as they are willing to look.

  2. Hey its so nice to see the time ur spending during this lockdown… We are all doing something at least the other to keep ourselves busy in different activities… A nice post thank you for sharing..

  3. I first thing i also do when i wake up is check my mobile…haha…anyways love reading about your routine. Stay safe.

  4. It is diffucult and different times for all of us and everyone is adapting in their own way. One needs to be thankful for everything we have and build up a routine keeping a positive frame of mind always

  5. You have put across a right question was it really necessary to be so busy! We all are busy chasing an illusion we want to create and we forget to live our lives and this quarantine has promised us that. It has shown us so much is possible in so little.

  6. Loved these snippets of your life in lockdown. Lockdown and Covid are indeed teaching us so many new things. Stay safe stay home

  7. Loved reading this post Shreemaye. Even I am spending quite a lot of time in doing things that I couldnt do earlier. Or matters that I never paid attention to earlier. Enjoying my cooking sessions and having fun with both my kids.

  8. It’s pleasure to see how you are spending your time these days. My full time is going behind my munchkins . I hardly get time to relax these days.

  9. The lockdown has been a difficult phase for most of us but it is commendable you still get up early and follow a skin care regimen that’s fantastic.

  10. No actually we don’t need to that busy shreemayee and this self introspection is what these quarantine times have taught us.

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