Know how the harmful chemicals harm your overall health and #SayNoToChemicals

Do you ever think what you are using on your skin? You might have heard about those chemicals used in some beauty products and their abrasive effects on skin. But, do you know they are even harmful for your overall health too? So, I think you can’t use these products now in peace, without wondering if you’re poisoning your body?

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Actually the main thing is you have to know first, what these beauty brands are giving us underneath the lid. To help you in this mission to use the right  cosmetics, I’ve put together a list of ingredients you should avoid and then only you can be assured that whatever you’re putting on your skin isn’t harming it and your health too.


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1. Parabens:

This is the most widely used preservatives in the cosmetics industry, leading to breast cancer tumors, Methyleparaben (one of its kind) applied on skin reacts with UVB leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage.

2. Phthalates:


Various researches have shown that it acts as a hormone disruptor linked to reproductive defects, insulin resistance and developmental problems in children.


3. Sulphate:

This chemical can lead to eye damage, depression, breathing problem, diarrhoea, and severe skin issues. It is thought to damage the skin’s immune system by causing layers to separate and inflame.

4. Silicon:

It causes skin breakouts, eczema and also can lead to allergic reactions and may cause sensitive skin to react adversely.

5. Mineral Oil:

It is a petroleum by-product which clogs pores, and interferes with the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other skin disorders. It also leads to premature aging.

So, what will you do now..  Firstly, don’t buy any beauty products with the chemicals listed above. Always read the ‘ingredients list‘ before buying any product. Secondly, use those products claiming ‘Natural’ & ‘Organic’ and have full ingredients lists. This may take a little work, but you and your family will be far better off in the long run.

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29 thoughts on “Know how the harmful chemicals harm your overall health and #SayNoToChemicals”

  1. This is very informative, I came to know about natural chemical free products very recently. This is so necessary to check the ingredient list before buying any skin or hair care products.

  2. myswatitude - Swati Gandhi

    I am definitely going to keep the list in mind before buying my next products. Thanks for sharing.

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