Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (Feather) Review

Keeping a journal is an exercise of mind with some effective results on our lifestyle. If you can structure it according to your lifestyle, it will make your days much organized and content. There’s no specific time or form to Journaling. Maybe you can start your day with a journal or may finish with. And if you are a blogger or a content writer, it will help you a lot on your journey, providing you do it consistently.



Creative Woman’s Journal: Feather


Since I started blogging, I feel like start journaling. Being a mom of two, a teacher and a blogger were getting tough for me. Among all these tasks what’s got disturbed is my blogging. But, blogging is my passion. How can I leave it? At this point, I came across a contest on Facebook, held by Matrikas Paper Products, “Scribble your heart away….” Campaign 2 and I have participated. This contest, better to say campaign requires a creative review of the received products. I jumped into the challenge and the consequent post on the journal The Creative Woman’s Journal (WRITE) from Matrikas Paper Products. Before getting into the journal, I like to say some words about the brand.


The Brand: Matrikas Paper Products:

Matrikas is owned by SFA Print (P) Ltd. The name ‘Matrikas’ derives from the Sanskrit word for ” MOTHER”, denoting the powerful energies. Their products ranging from exquisitely designed Journals and Diaries, Office stationery, notebooks to stimulate the mind and unleash the creative best.They also customize Printing, Print finishing and Bindery services. Explore their creative collections here.







Woman’s Creative Journal (Feather):

There are four types of Woman’s Journal In their collection.

Woman’s Journal: Butterfly

Woman’s Journal: Dragon Fly

Woman,s Journal: Feather

Woman’s Journal; Fish.

The Journal I have received from the brand is Feather. It is a journal with red silk cover on which golden polka dots and a feather are embossed. And all these have given the journal a classy elegant look that you always wish to carry with you.

Price: 450/-.


The pages are thick and of good quality and the ink doesn’t smudge or create any impression on the next page. The Journal is not a boring one with only blank pages. There are ruled pages with some blank pages. On the blank pages, you can explore your creativity with doodles, scribble or anything you wish. It has Adult coloring pages, Stickers for journaling, or for simple fun. Like other diaries, it has pages with columns for personal info. To me, this page is a real necessity.



Started with colors



I love the stickers





At the end, the journal has a couple of pages to help you out with the list of Books To Be Read, Places To Be Visited. These two pages will help the person who loves reading and traveling. This journal like all other journals we see nowadays also has a paper pocket to store loose papers, tape etc and a pen holder at the end.




As a blogger, different ideas come into my mind and if I don’t write it down then I just forget in my busy schedule. So, I badly needed a planner. And really am delighted to get such a fun filling journal from Matrikas. The Journal Feather reminds me to be in a light mood like a feather whatever the situation arises. I am happy to get the journal in my day to day life. It has given me a feeling like ‘I am someone special’.



Do you write journals? Then it’s a must buy for you to explore your own imagination. Buy here. You can also buy from Amazon (direct link).






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