MyGlamm New Launch ELEVATE Ayurveda Aloe Vera Powered Face Care Kit Review

ELEVATE, the skin immunity-boosting formula is the new launch from MyGlamm. This range contains 100% aloe vera juice without having any dilution with demineralized water. It’s a proven fact that Aloe Vera can exfoliate, soothe, calm and heal our skin woes. The Ultimate Face Care Kit with this miracle plant has much more to offer our skin than just soothing or calming skin irritations. 

It’s no secret now that I am a skincare nerd. I buy many as well. Yet with the most sensitive skin on earth, I have to do a lot of researches before adding any product to my closet. I believe in minimal skincare to get fresh and healthy complexion. Also, the product must be inexpensive. I hate buying products that are money-draining. And my search has narrowed to this new launch of MyGlamm. So, did ELEVATE, The Ultimate Face Care Kit can be able to amplify my beauty? Start scrolling then.
Price: ₹1435. Now the kit is on a discount. Buy here.

ELEVATE, The Ultimate Face Care Kit:

The kit includes ELEVATE Ayurveda Tulsi powered Aloe Vera cleansing foam, ELEVATE Ayurveda Methi powered Aloe Vera face scrub gel and ELEVATE Ayurveda Amla powered Aloe Vera face moisturizing gel. The Elevate Skincare range elevates your skin’s defense against microbes while nourishing your skin with high efficacyAloe Vera juice used in the formula is fiber-free and also free from Aloin.

Toxin-free, suitable for all skin types, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, pure & natural.

ELEVATE Ayurveda Tulsi powered Aloe Vera cleansing foam

This immunity-boosting formula of Aloe vera and Tulsi help in fighting against environmental stress, improving skin’s moisture level, texture and tone. It has an alluring effect on the skin to prevent any skin concern, cleanse pollutants and impurities and reduce inflammation.


The gel contains 100% pure, filtered Aloe Vera juice gel infused with anti-inflammatory Tulsi oil. These two are known for elevating your skin’s immunity and defense against germs, toxins and microbes. 

For the full ingredients list refer here:


Take a small amount of the gel on your palm, apply on damp skin and work into a foam. Gently massage into your face and neck in circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

My Experience:

This is a fantastic cleansing foam. I don’t like to use foaming cleansers as they feel harsh on my uber-sensitive skin. I avoid them as they strip my skin, causing dryness and irritations. Yet I purchased the product due to aloe vera and tulsi, the key ingredients. And I have fallen for it. The soft, gentle formula doesn’t create any bubble. Rather, it gives a mild, creamy lather that gets the job done really well. My face doesn’t feel dry or tight after using the cleanser. Little goes a long way. Don’t you think it’s money-saving? 


It has a mild perfume-like fragrance that’s vanished immediately after applying the on face. 


The product comes in a black plastic jar with a screw cap. The jar is packed in a cardboard box on which all the necessary information, including the full ingredients list about the product, is being provided. I’m not happy with the jar packaging. This may be the only downfall. Though the jar is recyclable, it makes scooping the product out a bit difficult, especially in the shower. Always a fear of the water getting in remains. So, it’s my humble request to the brand to make it in a tube or bottle packaging, if possible.

My Take:

I’ve been using the cleanser for two weeks, in the morning and at night. I only skip thrice in the morning while I use the scrub gel. The light blue colored gel cleanses pores very well and my face doesn’t feel either oily or tight. It provides a nice balance. I scoop out a little amount of the product, gently massage onto face and neck and wash off. So, it’s great for both dry and oily skin. The effect after washing is refreshing. 
You can also use this for shaving as well. The foaming gel is great in soothing razor burn and itching after. Also, make your own cleanser adding some fresh/air-dried petals of rose, hibiscus, lavender and leaves of neem, curry or hibiscus.

ELEVATE Ayurveda Methi powered Aloe Vera face scrub gel:

Powered by immunity boosting aloe vera and methi, this scrub gel is the best way to unclog pores and clean impurities, pollutants and excess sebum. Amla and grapeseed oil, being the rich source of antioxidants, aid in skin regeneration, improve moisture level, texture and tone of the skin. 


Take the small amount of the gel and apply it over your wet face and neck. Gently massage in a circular motion and rinse with warm water.


key ingredients are aloe vera, amla leaf ext, methi leaf ext, grapeseed oil, walnut shell beads, glycerine.

For the full ingredient list, refer below.

My Experience:

Basically, I use powdered scrub or I make my own scrub at home. This time I have purchased this due to its incredible formula with aloe vera, methi and amla. To be honest, I never thought methi or fenugreek could be one of the key ingredients in a face care product. I always use methi leaves or seeds in my haircare. And the bonus is grapeseed oil! Grapeseed oil is an amazing cleansing and moisturizing agent. The scrub has a mild smell quite similar to that of the foaming cleanser. Don’t worry the scent will not irritate your sensitive nose. 


The thick jelly-like formula comes in a tub packaging the same as the cleanser. Again, I would like to get this in a tube or bottle packaging.

My Take:

The light brown soothing gel isn’t harsh like other market bought exfoliators. It has a very limited amount of tiny scrubbing particles that are not gritty and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. Instead, it’s surprisingly calming and refreshing. After washing off, my skin instantly looks clean, fresh and glowing. It feels comfortable, neither very dry nor oily. 

The next amazing fact about this stuff is that it’s gentle enough to use daily. Though, I don’t use this daily. Only thrice a week I massage my face and neck during the shower. And, that’s enough to get a smoother and clearer texture.

ELEVATE Ayurveda Amla powered Aloe Vera Face Moisturizing Gel:

This proprietary immunity-boosting formula of aloe vera and hydro-distilled amla juice stimulates skin regeneration. These two powerful antioxidants hydrate and repair dry damaged skin. Infused with mint and almond oil the moisturizer improves skin’s moisture level, texture and tone while prevents premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.


Aloe vera, amla leaf ext, mint, almond oil, glycerine.

For the full ingredients list, refer bellow.


Take a generous amount of the gel onto your fingertips and lightly massage into your skin to get moisturized, younger-looking skin.

My Experience:

This light green, clear, gel-based formula spreads and melts like water upon application. It gives a cooling sensation when applying. And yes, it gives an instant glow on my face. I use it every day in the morning before SPF and at night after serum. It takes a few seconds to get absorbed into the skin. After using for 3 days I started to notice the difference. Now it’s almost two weeks and my skin looks brighter, softer, and more vibrant.
For quite a long time I’m experimenting on gels. I have used PureSkinBlends Pure Magica, and Pond’s Super Light Gel Oil-Free formula. And my current one is this. Trust me, Pure Magica was amazing as a stand-alone moisturizer. Pond’s Super Light gel was good, when you mix with any good face oil. ELEVATE Ayurveda aloe vera moisturizing gel is doing almost the same as Pure Magica did to my complexion and in an affordable way. This stuff from Myglamm is really worth the money if you compare with Pure Magica.
It gives a fresh, and clear feel after waking up in the morning. The moisturizer provides an intense hydrating effect that lasts throughout the day. This product absolutely is a great find and at the same time, it doesn’t burn your purse. A very little amount is needed for one-time use. So, the gel has fulfilled everything one may demand from a skincare product. 
The stunning moisturizer is a multitasking product. I use this in my DIY face packs or to activate the powder cleansers. As it fights inflammation, it is excellent for post-wax healing of rashes and itching.
Overall, I am happy with this ELEVATE Ayurveda 3 piece kit from Myglamm. This new launch can be the best thing to take part in your summer skincare ritual. The products can be considered as a smplified skincare routine for summer when you may look for some that aim to make all skin types clean, fresh and hydrated. And I will not be surprised if this range would be in their best-selling skincare line.  

Hope you have enjoyed reading about this lovely range from MyGlamm. You can also buy each product separately. To know more, visit here.
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