Myglamm POSE HD setting powder and Magic Potion Review and Tips and Tricks to Use.

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Today, I am going to review products from a brand that’s not very new, but I never reviewed them. Well bro, I am talking about Myglamm. You know, I use minimal makeup products, though I always wear makeup. I like to use products those are easy to use and gives a natural look. I just want to bring out the ‘real me’ with my makeup. My target is to spend much time and effort on skincare and less on makeup, yet to look fab! The result is happier and healthier skin, more confidence and spending less time in the morning.


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Well, let’s start with the products I have purchased from Myglamm, the brand crafted in Europe. Since long, I was eyeing on this brand and was thinking of trying some. So, I purchased two products from Myglamm. I always like my face looks fresh and dewy opposed to matte look. Hence, I have picked up POSE HD setting powder and Magic Potion (multidimensional pearlscent roll-on). 


Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter


POSE HD setting powder:


This translucent setting powder Ivory is a fixing powder to give you a radiant matte finish.


  • A natural, shine-free, radiant finish.
  • Soft focus effect that blurs imperfections.
  • Sheer coverage with color balancing properties.
  • Moisturizing and hydrating.
  • Sets makeup for prolonged wear.



Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter


Price: INR 699.

Available on Myglamm.



How to Use:

  • Using a puff or brush, dab the powder across your face and neck to set your makeup.
  • Make sure you apply the setting powder on areas that are prone to shine, like the nose, forehead, and chin.
  • Wear alone or use it to set foundation and makeup.


Myglamm Magic Potion:

A liquid formula with floating pearlscent illuminating sparkles to give a magical luminosity.


Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter



  • Sheer pearlescent bi-phase liquid
  • Light-as-air, fresh feel, and hydrating water based formula
  • Quick-drying- and long-lasting
  • Easy to use roll on applicator.


How to use:

  • Shake the Magic Potion body roll on well before use to create a uniform and pearlescent flow of luminosity.
  • Roll it on all over your face and body and feel the fresh, sparkling glow almost instantly.
  • Layer on as much as you like.




Price: INR 995.


Available on Myglamm.


My Experience and Tips and Tricks to Use:


Starting with the setting powder, the packaging is pretty handy. It’s compact and sturdy enough to carry everywhere you go.


Let’s talk about the setting powder first. Generally I apply  powder to control the shine of my T-zone. There was a time when I didn’t use setting powders and ended up with melting off my face. But, now I know how game-changing a setting powder can be, especially for us, the combination tribe.


Myglamm products setting powder, highlighter


Whatever, I have bought this. Before buying I couldn’t find any reviews on the product. I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical, yet curious. It has a wonderful silky, light texture that works well. As it’s translucent, gives no color and disappears into the skin. I feel like nothing on the skin. It reduces the shine for hours without caking up, and gives a subtle glow. The powder doesn’t add any coverage.


Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter


I don’t like it applying with a brush as the powder is a pressed one that is harder to pick up with a brush. I use either a puff or sponge to apply. Though its pressed nature has made it easier to travel with.


Myglamm products, setting powder highlighter



Basically I don’t use it on the entire face, just along the sides of the nose, over my forehead, mouth, chin and under the eyes. My aim is to tone down the shine and to make my face look flawless and natural as long as possible.


Magic Potion comes in a transparent bottle packaging. The liquid with white and a bit purplish pearl sparkles looks so gorgeous from outside. The packaging is so attractive and handy that you will fall in love with it. You can directly dab the product on your cheekbones. The tiny bottle can be carried in a very small purse too.


Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter


When I find this launched on Myglamm, I couldn’t stop me from trying. Maybe the packaging instigated me to grab Magic Potion. After using for quite a while I can say that I haven’t done any mistake. If you are not very glitter-friendly, yet like to transform your dull look into gorgeously glowing complexion, this is for you. The watery base of the product is very light and easily blends into the skin. The tiny pearl particles imparts a nice luminous glow without sparkles or glitter. It provides a nice staying power, at least 5-6 hours, after tolerating my excessive sweating.


Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter




What I like the most is the perfect glow it delivers and that’s not at all overpowering. After the application the face looks so natural and soft. One can also use it all over your face as an illuminator.


Myglamm products, setting powder, highlighter


Overall, I can say that both the products are very nice. I’m quite satisfied with them. The brand is vegan, 100% cruelty-free (PETA approved). I have purchased more products from Myglamm. So, keep watching this place for more reviews and tips to use them.


Myglamm products setting powder, highlighter


Myglamm products setting powder, highlighter


Thanks for reading.






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