Nalangu Maavu, the amazing bath powder to get healthy glowing skin

Nalangu maavu, herbal, bath powder

Blogging is my passion. And this passion of mine has given me the opportunity to know different beauty rituals of different parts of our country. All these rituals women from different corners of India have been practicing since ancient times. These herbs or spice based beauty treatments are said to have major skin benefits. They are all natural and effective and are easy to source. You can get the ingredients from local market and at cheaper rate than those chemical-laden products from drugstore.


One such ritual, I have come across recently, is Nalangu Maavu, herbal bath powder. It’s a Tamil ritual, used by women and children over a long period of time to give a luxurious bathing experience improving skin vitality, health and appearance. A nourishing blend of herbs, this ancient secret of beauty can be used as face and body cleanser or exfoliator. You can also use this as face pack.


Nalangu maavu, herbal, bath powder


Benefits Of Nalangu Maavu:

The natural Ingredients in this product makes it so special. The beauty bars we buy from market, makes our skin dry and unhealthy due to the chemicals in them. They may ripe off natural oils from our skin making it more prone to problems like itchiness, rashes, redness. While in Nalangu Maavu no chemicals or artificial fragrances and colorants are used.


The ingredients basically used in this bath powder are:

  1. Whole green gram
  2. Avarampoo
  3. Rose Petals 
  4. Wild turmeric or Kasturi manjal
  5. Vettiver
  6. White Turmeric
  7. Neem leaves
  8. Mint leaves
  9. Cucumber seeds

Some other herbs or spices are used those are very typical in South India and I can’t even name them. To make the powder, first one has to make it dry under sunlight until they become dry and crispy. Then grind them in a dry grinder to form a fine powder.



But it’s not so easy to get the ingredients outside South India. And maybe you don’t have much time to go through this process. For that buy it here.



  • The bath powder can absorb excess oil from the skin without stripping off the natural oil in your skin. Thus, it doesn’t make the skin dry, instead restores the pH balance of the skin. A great stuff for oily and combination skin.
  • Soothes skin inflammation. If you have hyper sensitive skin like me, this product is for you. Nalangu Maavu also is antifungal, anti-bacterial.
  • Works great to minimize pores on the skin.
  • Regular using can reduce body odor and also excessive sweating. I personally experience this as I did sweat a lot. It has reduced much. Not only that Nalangu Maavu imparts a sweet fragrance that stays long.
  • The herbal bath powder works on acne too, especially on body acne. For that you have to use every day.
  • Revitalizes the skin giving a healthy glow, reduces tan or blemishes and prevents further damage.
  • Keeps you cool and moisturized throughout the day. You need not to worry about the skin problems if you use it regularly.



Who can use Nalangu Maavu?


Everyone in the family can use. It’s not necessary that only the women in the family will use this. My two adult sons and my father also use and they love it. You can use on your baby, if he/she is three years and above.


How to use Nalangu Maavu?


I have been using Nalangu Maavu almost for 8 months. It has given me a nice healthy complexion, I sweat much during humid summer in Kolkata and the bath powder has reduced that too. Well, let me tell you how I use this in my shower.


Nalangu maavu, herbal, bath powder


I use as a body cleanser and scrubber:

I take 3 tbs of the powder in a bowl and plain water to form a smooth paste. Sometimes I add rosewater or aloe vera gel to activate. Apply the paste all over my wet skin and rub for 1 minute. This is to request you to rub with soft and gentle stroke to avoid redness. Then wash off and take bath.


During winter, I apply a body oil before the herbal bath powder. The body oil I use is my own recipe. In a bowl I mix equal parts of coconut oil, sweet almond oil and herbs infused oil, made by me. Also I have added some rose and blue cornflower petals to the oil (optional).



As a face cleanser or exfoliator or mask:

For face I add any liquid or gel to activate. As a liquid, I add rosewater/any floral water/ hydrosols. And the gels I use are aloe vera/The face shop bamboo or lotus gel. During autumn and winter I add honey to the powder, especially if I use as face mask. As a cleanser I apply the paste and rub for few seconds and wash off. As a mask I apply and keep for at least 8 to 10 minutes and wash off after rubbing for few seconds. It is suggested to use as mask at night.


So, this is all about Nalangu Maavu bath powder. If you use regularly, you will see the amazing changes to the skin texture. You are going to love its cooling impact the whole day. And your skin will thank you.


What is your favorite bath powder? If you use Nalangu Maavu, please share your experience here in the comments.


Thank you.




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