PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts

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Hello, Ladies!!

Finally, it’s my first post for 2017! Well, I know, I am too late but I was stuck with a few other things. But finally, I made it!

PAC Cosmetics has been coming out of new products nonstop and I am here with the review of their RETRO MATTE GLOSS.

PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts 1

Price & Availability:

Rs. 550/- for 6.5 ml. These are currently available at PAC store in Mumbai, Amazon & few on Flipkart. They do have a shipping charge of Rs. 50/- so it’s always better to order a bunch of PAC stuff instead of ordering one.

Product Description:

A revolutionary new lightweight, non-drying formula in our liquid lipsticks. Gives you an opaque payoff with just one swipe! Our liquid lipstick dries down matt right after one swipe and lasts through thick and thin! Available in 20 unique shades!

  • Lightweight
  • Opaque payoff with just one swipe!
  • Dries down matte right after one swipe
  • For best results: Avoid oily food

My Experience:

PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts 2

Shades & Packaging:

The lip gloss comes in 20 different shades, a good variety of pinks, nudes, red, corals and berry. These do not have names but marked from 1 to 20, 1 being the lightest and 20 being the darkest. I wanted to check them out so initially ordered shade 17. It is a beautiful dark pink shade with berry and brown undertones. Definitely need to get more!

The PAC Retro Matte Gloss comes in a transparent plastic tube with a black cap on top. The packaging is very sturdy & travel-friendly. The shades are easily visible from the transparent body and the shade numbers are written at the bottom of these bottles. It comes with a doe foot applicator which helps spread the gloss perfectly on the lips. You can find the complete ingredient list on one side of the outer cardboard packaging.

PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts 3

Texture & Staying Power:

The texture of the lip gloss is more on the mousy side. They glide on smoothly and a single swipe is good enough for darker shades. For lighter shades, you might need 2-3 swipes. Shade 17 goes evenly on the lips and dries off as matte in no time. I have also seen other reviews which sayย that a few of the shades are a bit streaky but can be managed by layering it up.

And once set they stay for long!! I mean they do not smudge or crumble at allย unless you have some oily food. These lasts for a good 7+ hours. They do start fading after oily food but can easily survive coffee/drinks. Reapplying them is easy and does not make it look any different than before. They are a bit drying on the lips after few hours so you need to moisturize the lips well before applying. Since we expect the same from liquid lipsticks so there is nothing to worry ๐Ÿ™‚

Swatch & How It Looks On Me:

PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts 4

PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts 5

Overall Thoughts:

I loved them! Just apply it and forget..what else I can wish for ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. This has already made aย place in my Best of 2016. I am definitely going to get me hands on a few more shades and you should get yours too! Let me know your favorite shades and do not forget to LIKE my post and SUBSCRIBE to my blog.





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