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Natural and organic products have become the trend in the new generation. This generation knows the harmful effects of chemicals on their skin and whole body. Seeing the trend big brands are starting to manufacture their own natural and organic lines. And at the same time, some new brands are also coming up with natural and organic products. Here, I am going to tell you about one such brand that believes in ‘holistic healing’where their entire range of products takes care of internal as well as external healing. And the brand is DaYogis, Yogically Crafted, Naturally. From their wide variety of products ranging from natural juices to personal care products, DaYogis has sent me a handmade soap, shower gel, body butter and YO Spiri juice.

The Brand: DaYogis.

DaYogis was born from love, passion and a need for products that are safe and good for the body, mind, and soul. The products are a result of inspiration from nature and the wisdom hidden in our very own Vedic Literature. Now hear about the brand from the voice of the founder of DaYogis, Nilesh Dama: “Our whole concept is rotating around holistic healing, where our entire range takes care of internal as well as external healing. When I say internal healing, it’s natural juices which have high concentration levels and potency levels….. In external healing, we have a wide and exhaustive range of body butter, shower gels, bath salts, moisturizing creams, lip lotions, bath lotions and more.”


IF you want to know more visit here or their Facebook page.


Moreover, their products are made in small batches from ingredients that have been thoroughly researched to ensure quality products that are safe for us, our family and this planet. Every ingredient is 100% natural, nature identical and/or fair trade. All packaging are as eco-friendly as possible.


The Products They Have Sent:

1. Yo! Spiri, Health Juice.

2. Sensual Berry Shower Gel.

3. Sensual Berry Body Butter.

4. Infused Lotus Handmade Soap.


They sent all these in an eco-friendly paper box.


Yo! Spiri Health Juice:

The juice is a Vedic blend of 8+ rare and ancient herbs, fruits and vegetables, such as Noni, Malabar, Tamaring, Acai Berry, Spiked Ginger, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shilajeet, Spirulina, Stevia. A tremendously beneficial juice for your mind, body and soul. Curated by DaYogis to increase the immunity levels and rejuvenate.


Yo! Spiri Health Juice 

Health Benefits:

  1. Natural Energizer.
  2. Detox.
  3. Increase immunity levels.

Highly recommended for the working professionals.

Size And Price:

500 ml bottle costs 1399/-. I have got a sample size of 30 ml.


Add three tablespoons to a glass of water, stir, increase or decrease concentration, according to your taste. I added two tbs to a glass of water, as I can’t bear the sour taste.



My Experience:

The dark brown colored liquid has a nice tangy taste which I like. It has a natural smell of herbs which indicates that it contains no artificial flavor. I have received a sample size. So, I can have it only thrice. Honestly speaking, within such a short time you can’t say anything about a health drink. It takes at least two weeks to show the result.

Sensual Berry Shower Gel:

Pamper yourself with an inspiring, sensual bath of Sensual Berry. A balance of Aloe Vera and Strawberry relaxes your skin and rejuvenates it, giving a divine glow. Begin your day in the lap of nature.



Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Strawberry Extract.


Works wonderfully on all skin types.

Tender on skin.

Calming and Soothing.

Moisturizes skin.

Packaging And Price:

The transparent light pinkish gel comes in a dark brown bottle on which the brand and the product name and the ingredients are written on a beige colored paper label. I have received a sample of 30 ml. Full size is 200 ml that costs 349/-.


My Experience:

The gel has a divine fragrance of strawberry that is quite refreshing. It smells like a strawberry ice-cream. OMG! Any day I will eat it up. The gel is light in texture and easy to use. It is neither runny nor thick. A quite little amount is needed. That is why after one week of using the shower gel, I can finish only half of the bottle. It can wash off dust and dirt nicely. After washing the gel, my skin feels clear and hydrated. I always use body lotion after the shower. Now a less amount of body lotion is being used. I have started loving the shower gel.



Sensual Berry Body Butter:

The super rich creamy body butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.Inspired by nature’s goodness, this moisturizing body butter with strawberry extract is enriched with coconut oil and shea butter, mango and cocoa butter. It soothes you down and butters you up for the softest and silkiest skin. The balanced combination of three kinds of butter ensures the elasticity of your skin, reduce wrinkles. Aloe Vera in it soothes dryness and minor irritations and enhances the skin’s natural healing and regeneration process. Suitable for all skin types.


Packaging and Price:

My sample size body butter has come in a transparent plastic tiny tub with a black screw lid. The actual size is 200 ml that costs 699/-.


Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Avocado, Strawberry Fruit Extract, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil.

My Experience:

The baby pink colored body butter has a mixed fragrance of mango and strawberry. It is light, but creamy in texture and can be easily absorbed into the skin. The body butter gives a good hydration to the skin. I applied after the shower and the whole day I felt the hydration on my skin. But I think I’ll not use it in the wet summer days because then its creamy texture will irritate my skin. But for dry winter months, the body butter is quite effective. The dry skin gals can use it throughout the year and they will be nicely benefitted.


Infused Lotus Soap:

This nourishing, all-natural, handmade soap is a wonderful gift for yourself and others. The soap is an enticing and clever blend of floral fragrances infused with natural lotus oil, leaving your skin cleansed and beautifully fragranced.



Packaging And Price:

The pinkish brown colored soap comes wrapped in two layers. First, it’s wrapped with a transparent plastic cover and then covered with paper packaging. The soap costs Rs 195/-.


Coconut Oil, Lotus Extracts, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Neem, Aloe Vera.

My Experience:

The soap has a very mild floral smell that stays long and refreshes the mind. The soap lathers well and cleanses well too. Gives a good hydration, leaving the skin soft and smooth. I felt no dryness or itchiness, that may be because of coconut oil and aloe vera in it. It gives a good nourishment to the skin and is rinsed off easily. The soap looks very soft, but surprisingly it doesn’t melt easily. One soap is enough for the entire month.


All the products are natural, free of harmful chemicals, free of artificial fragrance and color, eco-friendly packaging and are not tested on animals. The products are easily available major online stores. 

Find them on SnapdealFlipkartAmazonNaturalmantra.

If anyone of you used any product from the brand share your feelings here? You might be thinking which one shall I be thinking of buying. I must purchase once Yo Spiri health juice to see the actual results. And I must repurchase the Sensual Berry Shower Gel. Next winter, am going to buy the body butter too.


I have talked enough. I should stop now. Thanks for reading.






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  1. Each product is the best in its category. Now, today we all are very much concerned about our skin and the related products. These are the awesome products which every individual participating here including me, will wish to WIN. Thanx…

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