PikReview: A Platform Where What You See Is What You Get 1

PikReview: A Platform Where What You See Is What You Get

You have seen here I write only about beauty products and lifestyle tips. But, today I am going to write about a Platform where the bloggers meet the shoppers. Let me be clearer. PikReview is a platform where bloggers can write the genuine reviews about products, they use and the shoppers get some info about the products before buying. It also helps the Brands to find the genuine reviews of their products from the users. Now let me tell you how PikReview works.


PikReview: A Platform Where What You See Is What You Get 2
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A blogger has posted 

PikReview Helps The Bloggers:

Bloggers, especially the budding bloggers who are struggling to reach to the people can get a chance to share their reviews here and get noticed. Through PikReview, they can reach to their audience and to the brands as well. A blogger can post the review directly on PikReview.com. You can also fetch your mini reviews from Instagram. If you want to post an article, after logging in, click the upload button to select the option NEW REVIEW.  First, upload a relevant image, then select categories, tags and write the review. Lastly, share the product links along with your social media links. To upload Instagram Review, in your mini reviews tag @pikreview_official in your photos and use hashtag #pikreview in the description. Then head over to the website, click the upload button, select INSTAGRAM REVIEW, give some touch ups to your post, provide product links and your social media links and upload. Thus, you can increase your audience.




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PikReview Helps The Shopper:

Nowadays, a shopper when going to buy something gets confused about where to buy, which product is more useful. Here comes PikReview to help you out in shopping the right product from the right place. In PikReview, you can get the genuine review from a user and the link to buy it. The shopper can see a variety of products ranging from skincare to hair care to makeup products, apparels, accessories. The list goes on.


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PikReview Helps The Brands:

The brands can use the platform PikReview to promote their products on social media. Here, they can reach out the bloggers easily. PikReview simplifies the campaign execution of the brands through the platform with guaranteed reachable impressions and social shares.



Another Great Feature: PikReview YouTube:

Very recent PikReview has added a new feather to its cap is YouTube channel. So, not only the bloggers but the vloggers also can be featured here. Isn’t that amazing?



My Feelings:

PikReview is the platform that has ignited the blogger in me. I was thinking to start a blog and at that point, PikReview told me to write a review on a product, I did and a blogger was born. I own a blog now, am writing on some reputed blogging platforms, but PikReview is my priority always. Thus PikReview has become an amazing site for all beauty and fashion bloggers.



One of my posts on PikReview



So, what do you feel about this wonderful website? Are you there? If so, share your views. If you have any dream of starting a blog or YouTube channel, head over to PikReview.com, register yourself and start blogging. 


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to read more such reviews.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.




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