Review And Unboxing: ZoBag, May 2017 – #BeYourOwnQueen.

Those who are the regular visitor of my blog might be aware of that I am very much fascinated to Subscription boxes. If any Subscription box comes with natural skincare products, I shall never look back and jump into it. Such a Subscription box loaded with natural and absolutely chemical free products is ZoBag that has been launched this month, i.e, May 2017.



About ZoBag :

It is a monthly beauty bag that includes products from the brands those who believe in handcrafted, chemical-free, natural or organic products. The mission of the ZoBag is to introduce new brands with their products. They bring every month the bags with 5-6 curated skin and hair care products at a very affordable price. This month the bag includes head-to-toe paraben-free products from tried and tested brands offering a lifelong chemical free solution to all of your beauty concerns.

The theme for the month:

Every month ZoBag comes with a new theme. As the summer is on set, this month’s theme is based on summer special beauty products. ZoBag has curated the products to keep us refreshed and rejuvenated even in the scorching heat of summer. Keeping the safety of the environment in mind this month’s ZoBag is made of jute which is a bio-degradable product. What I love the most is the title of ZoBag, May 2017, #BeYourOwnQueen. This title gives a sense of women empowerment, confidence, and self-love.

The brand provides 2 kinds of bags, one is normal ZoBag and another is mini. The normal ZoBag includes 6 products that cost INR 499. The mini ZoBag will come for INR 199 including 4 products. Buy here.

What I received in ZoBag :

The team has sent in the bag 6 products, including 5 full-size products and one sample.





Aryanveda Arganic Hair Serum (MRP 600): 

With 100% organic Moroccan Argan serum is ideal for taming rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. The key ingredients in the serum are vitamin E, omega-9 and omega-3 fatty acids with argan oil. It helps the serum enhance the shine and gloss of the hair in few days. Suitable for all types of hair.



Benefits : 

Helps repair damaged hair

Restores shine and softness to hair.

Treats chemically treated and colored hairs.

Detangles the hair.

Prevents hair loss.

Adds volume to hair.

Protects the hair from harmful sun rays.

95% Natural ingredients, Organic potent formulation, Vegan, Mineral oil and Silicon free, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Petrochemical free.

How to use:

It should be used after shampooing on towel dry hair. Take 2/3 drops on your palm and apply gently from the middle of the hair to the end. The leftover serum can be used on the top part of your hair.

My experience:

I have just started using the serum. So can’t say much about it. But surely it makes the hair soft and frizz free. Gives a natural shine to the hair. I can easily comb my hair after applying the serum. It is not sticky at all. Let me use it for 2 more weeks I confirm you a detailed review on it.

MCaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine body butter (MRP 399):

This body butter belongs to a brand which is India’s first caffeine infused personal care brand. The paraben-free formula of the body butter contains a signature blend of natural plant herbal extracts and vitamins to moisturize and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Its light formula does not feel greasy on the skin, rather tightens and tones the skin to make it healthy and younger. The key ingredients are lanolin wax, vitamin E with caffeine, vitamin C, provitamin B5, glycerin and all.




How to use:

Take required amount of body butter on your palm and apply all over the body. The body butter is always recommended to use just after the shower and before bed.

My experience:

Before getting the body butter in ZoBag I have purchased it from the website of MCaffeine long before. And till then I have been using it and totally in love with the body butter. So as I have seen it in my ZoBag I became very happy. I have already reviewed in my blog. Read the full review here.

Veda Essence Avocado Peppermint Tea Tree Vitamin E Soap (MRP 210):

The soap made with aromatic oils, heals and restores skin glow, making it soft and supple. The regular use of the soap has many benefits. Avocado soothes dry and itchy skin, protects the skin from wrinkles or fine lines. Vitamin E makes skin soft and supple when Tea Tree and Peppermint reduces pigmentation, treats acne or other skin concerns. Its key ingredients are Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm and Avocado Oil, Avocado ext, Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Tea Tree and Peppermint Essential Oils.



My Experience:


I have used the soap twice. The soft formula is very gentle on the skin. I use it on my wet skin. The mixed smell of Peppermint and Tea tree oil is refreshing. I’ve seen the soap to clear off dirt and pollutants nicely. The best part is the cooling impact I can feel as I wash the soap off and that stays longer even after half an hour of my shower. It made my evening shower refreshing. In a word, it’s a perfect summer soap.

Banjara’s Pure Herb Hibiscus Powder (MRP 90):

This Ayurveda based herbal powder provides natural care to hair making it softer and shinier. As we know Hibiscus is a very well known plant to promote hair growth, control hair fall and graying. It also improves hair volume, makes the scalp healthy and it is very much effective for dry and limp hair. The hair powder is suitable for all hair types. The key ingredient is Japa.

100% Natural, not tested on animals.






Directions for use:

Mix the Hibiscus powder with water to make a paste. Apply the paste on the scalp and hair, leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

My experience:

I have used it once only, as per direction. And surprisingly the first use has given a miraculous result. It has made my hair super soft and shiny. And has given a natural burgundy tint on my hair. The product is so effective that it needs a detailed review. So wait for that.

Banjara’s Multani Orange Face Wash (MRP 40):

This soap-free formula is a perfect face wash for the summer. Enriched with natural moisturizers and antioxidants, the face wash removes excess oil, exfoliates dead cells, detans skin and protects the skin from harsh and damaging sun rays, pollution. The key ingredients are Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth), Orange Peel Powder.



Directions for use:

Apply on wet face and neck area with gentle strokes and wash off with normal water. Use twice daily for best results.

My experience:

I have used the face wash only twice. The first thing I liked about it is the sweet smell of orange. As applying I feel some tiny granules in the face wash to exfoliate the dead cells from the skin. How much I can say that the face wash has made my skin soft, clear and fresh. Wait for the full review.

OGX Niacin and Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner:

I have received two pouches each of shampoo and conditioner. With a perfect blend of Niacin & Caffeine and Alpha Hydroxy acid, the shampoo and conditioner encourages a healthy scalp, protects from environmental hazards and stops hair fall caused by breakage.

Natural, sulfate free, not tested on animals.




I haven’t used these two yet. So can’t say nothing about their effects.

Mini ZoBag contains 4 products – MCaffeine smooth jazz caffeine body butter, Banjara’s Multani orange face wash, OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo and conditioner and Banjara’s Multani Mitti papaya face pack.

Here I want to mention especially about the additional packaging off ZoBag. As I told in the beginning that all the products come in an off-white jute bag. The jute bag was wrapped in a transparent cellophane paper with pink heart symbols printed on all over the cellophane paper. And the whole thing was placed on the husk and rose petals that give a natural and earthy look. The packaging was really unique.








A placard was also included with #BeYourOwnQueen printed on it. This gift packaging costs INR 20.





You can check the unboxing on YouTube channel too. The link is here.

What do you think about ZoBag? Is it worth buying? If you ask me, yes! Getting so many good products at such a low cost, shouldn’t be missed. So buy now and enjoy your summer days with such effective and chemicalfree products. 


To buy visit here.

This much for today. Wait for the full review of those products.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


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