Review of Anti Wrinkle Cream and Serum for Dry Skin from Granny’s Essentials.

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Happy New Year! Today’s post is my first post in 2018 and in this post I am gonnabe introducing a new brand though I have started using their products in 2017. The brand I am talking about Granny’s Essentials. The brand is owned by Monica Khanna and is being operated basically from Facebook.



Now let’s jump into the review of the products I’ve using from Granny’s Essentials. The brand has sent me 6 products, but I’m talking about two of them, Anti- Wrinkle Face Cream (dry skin) and Face Serum (dry skin). 



Anti Wrinkle Face Cream (dry skin):

This is a herbal product with anti wrinkle and anti aging properties to rejuvenates dry skin, improves complexion and evens skin tone. The essential oils used in this have antioxidants properties that help cell and blood vessels regrowth and repair, delivering anti aging effects.



Directions for Use:

Take a pea size amount onto your palms and gently massage on your face for about a minute. Use twice a day, preferably at night to help repair and regeneration of the skin.


Key Ingredients:

Coconut Oil, Shea Butter.

Price: INR 499/- 


The white colored cream comes in a white plastic jar with screw lid with all info printed on the lid and the bottom of the tub. Packaging is user friendly and travel friendly too, though I request the brand to provide a protection lid under the upper lid to make it more hygienic. Actually if you think of hygienic packaging, then tube packaging is the best, because then you don’t have to put your finger inside to scoop out the product.


My Experience:

This white colored cream has a very sweet smell of Coconut oil. The cream has a very soft texture that can be used by any sensitive skin lady. The cream is exclusively for dry, matured skin. I use it at night before bed. I have matured combination skin that acts like dry skin during winter. The cream is soft textured and non greasy and one can apply very easily on her face and neck.




After one week of  usage my skin seems to be tightened, supple and fresh. And as it doesn’t give any breakouts rather works on my acne well. It works on wrinkles as well. It’s more appropriate for winters though. With the hydrating and moisturizing effects on skin the cream adds a glow to the skin and removes all the signs of dullness and damage due to pollution.


So, it can be said that the Cream from Granny’s Essentials has fulfilled all claims by the brand.


Face Serum Dry Skin:

The face serum made with skin rejuvenating and moisturizing essential oils hydrates and moisturizes dry skin without making it greasy. It strengthens skin cells and calms it while keeping the skin youthful, supple and healthy. Additionally, it evens skin tone and brightens it.



Key Ingredients:

 Argan oil and Helichrysum oil.

Argan oil, being non greasy and non irritating, is the natural moisturizer to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, Argan Oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost.

With inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Helichrysm essential oil helps reduce the appearance of age spot, treats acne and other skin concerns, can smooth the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Price: INR 449/-

Directions for Use:

Apply 3-4 drops on to your face. Gently massage using your palms for about a minute. Use once or twice a day. Avoid eye contact.




The light golden colored oil comes in a dark brown glass bottle with a white lid under which there is a protective lid. The one con with the packaging is that the brand hasn’t provided any dropper with the bottle. So, it’s my request to the brand to provide a dropper to make the product user friendly and economic. With a dropper we can take out that much we need for one time application.





My Experience:

This serum is specially formulated for dry and mature skin, or for sun damaged skin on the face, neck. The serum comes in a lovely mixed smell of two oils in it and the smell surrounds you the whole day.


This serum is ideal for those who want anti aging products without the extra weight or oiliness. Yes, it’s very lightweight and not greasy or oily. One can apply the oil with an ease and it doesn’t take time to absorb into the skin. Once it is absorbed, there’s no residue left on the skin. After application, it feels hydrating and soothing. The serum heals any skin concern, calms the skin and allows no redness on the skin.

Moreover, their products are toxin free, all-natural, not tested on animals  and overall very clean.

After reading all you might be thinking of give these two a go!!!! For that you can visit their Facebook page.


Got any question about the products or the brand? Feel free to ask me in the comment below.


*pr sample.


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