Review Of First Bud Organics Darjeeling Oolong Classic Green tea & Chamomile Green Tea.

Now, here’s the time for tea. Yesss, I am a tea lover and I love coming home and chatting with my son with a mug filled with tea after a long day at work. And I immediately get charged for my evening household. Thanks to First Bud Organics for making my evenings super relaxing with the two awesome flavors Darjeeling Oolong classic green tea & Chamomile Green tea. 


Darjeeling Oolong Classic Green tea:

  • Whole Leaf Organic Oolong tea
  • Oolong tea has a refreshing and aromatic taste
  • Intense floral aroma
  • Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols – or tannin
  • Oolong tea also has weight loss benefits.


Review of First Bud

How To Prepare:

  1. Bring water to boil and let it cool down to 99℃.
  2. Allow tea leaves to brew for 3-4 minutes according to taste.
  3. Reuse tea leaves 1 to 2 more times.
  4. Allow additional 30 seconds steeping time for every reuse.



Oolong tea leaves and buds.


It comes in a cylinder tin container with a lid that has inner plastic protection. Inside the container they have kept a tiny moisture absorbing pouch to assure that the tea doesn’t attract any moisture from outside. Both the teas have come with same packaging.



Price: INR 450/- for 50g.

Available on Amazon


My Experience:

I am almost half of the box through and I am absolutely in love with this. As soon as you sip the tea your nose will be engulfed with an overload of sweet aroma and you will immediately refreshed. And the good thing is the overall aroma doesn’t actually change whilst the tea brews. The brewed liquid is almost a dark brown in tone. One thing I like to suggest here leaving the tea leaves in to brew for as long as possible if you really want an intense flavor.



It has a perfect aroma and taste that will make you happy. Yes, I mean it. It has taste that’s not bitter and gives a good start of the day or relaxes after a hectic day. I strongly recommend it to every one who needs for snuggling up to on a winter day.

Chamomile Green tea:

  • Whole tea leaves
  • Himalayan herbs, large cut,Naturally dried
  • Lowers BP and helps in digestion. Anti-bacterial, immunity booster and relaxing
  • Blend of chamomile flower, lemongrass and green tea leaves which revive the mind and provides instant relaxation.

Review of First Bud Organics green tea


How To Prepare:

Bring Water (200ml) to boil and let it cool down to 85 C, Add 2gm tea leaves (cover with lid) to brew for 2-3 minute according to taste. Tea leaves can be reused 1 more time.




Chamomile flower, green tea leaves and lemongrass.


Price: INR 250/- for 50g.

Available on Amazon.

My Experience:

The tea has a lovely strong aroma that makes me hope that it tastes the same too. And, it doesn’t disappoint me. It’s rich, yet smooth at the same time. Every sip of the tea refreshes the senses and makes me lowering my stress, I gather the whole day. And, yes it has boosting my immune system gradually. How am I sure of it? With the start of winter every year I suffer from viral infection. But this time, I haven’t affected yet.. Torchwood!! That’s because of this golden brown liquid. And, also when you are not feeling well, this Chamomile tea have certainly provided you with a feel good tea.



And, every product from First Bud Organics is genuinely natural, vegetarian and is of the highest quality. Grown organically in the Himalayan region rich in minerals and free from chemicals, pesticide, pollution, and dusty environment.

Do you think it worth buying? Don’t think much. Go, grab yours.

Thanks for reading. Happy sipping!!!!


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