Review of Glamisha Face Wash and Face Lift Cream

I am introducing a new brand, from which I am using two products. I am talking about Glamisha and its products a Face wash and Face lift cream.


Glamisha, the brand:

“We are a team of talented people with big ideas and creative minds.
We are really working hard to bring Luxury Beauty & Personal Care Products to you.
All our product have pure ingredients, essential oils and extract, are used to make our product highly effective and yet gentle.”

Face Wash:

Harmoniously blends together natural ingredients to visibly and effectively brighten your skin while retaining its youthful appearance.

Specially developed to fight dry and flaky skin condition, this face wash deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin.

vitamin rich Mulberry hydrates the skin and helps it repair faster.

Glamisha face wash, shreemayeesdiary



Directions for Use:


Price: INR 350/- for 100ml.

Face Lift Cream:

Face lift Cream with Vitamin E, Formulated to improve and reduce the wrinkles of skin, this cream rejuvenates and erases the appearance of wrinkles. Everyone will wonder what you did!

Glamisha face lift cream, shreemayeesdiary



Directions For Use:


Price: INR 970/- for 100g.

Available on Amazon, snapdeal.


Both the products come in white tubes with black flip top cap with all the info printed on the outer part of the packaging.

My Experience:

The blue colored face wash is really a good one. It’s very gentle and soft on the skin. It has refreshing sweet smell that’s mild and doesn’t cause any sensitivity to my sensitive nose. It cleanses well all dirt and pollutants and the excess oil too, without making my skin dry. Overall, the face wash has made me happy.

The face lift cream is white in color and it’s neither very thick, nor runny. It’s a very soft and gentle textured and is easy to apply. The cream absorbs into the skin quite well and doesn’t take much time to absorb. It has a sweet smell that’s quite mild. The cream doesn’t make my combination skin much oily and has given decent hydration and moisturization. I applied the cream before bed and woke up with a glowing face. But with the glow, it has invited some new guests on my face, that’s breakouts.

When I saw the small red bumps on my face, firstly I stopped using and then thought, OK, let’s give it some time, before coming to the conclusion. So, consequently 3-4 days, I used and what I saw, the increasing numbers of red bumps all over my face and I stopped using. Yep, I had to. So, I can’t recommend it to you, my friends to buy this.


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  1. There are so many new brands coming up these days it is amazing. I have oily and a little acne prone skin so I use face wash that help me clear my acne. Great post!

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