Review of Slow & Steady Neem Mud Gel ft Utkarshini

Today, I am going to talk about a product that is one of my favorite products in 2017. Not only this product, but whichever product I have purchased from this Insta store, has become my favorite. Yep, the store is Utkarshini, the owner is Utkarshini Khanna, operating from Instagram. I have purchased some wonderful products and I will share my experience about them gradually. Today, I am talking about Slow and Steady Neem Mud, which is the most loved creation of the creator Utkarshini.

Review of Slow and Steady Neem Mud ft


Neem Mud:

Slow and Steady Neem Mud is a gel mask formulated with locally harvested ingredients untouched by pollution and grime. The gel converts into nourishing cleansing milk when rub with water before rinsing off. The mask cleanses and tightens pores, treats painful acne, removes stubborn acne scars, fades dark spots, tan or pigmentation, while balancing sebum production on the delicate skin.






How To Use:

Take a required amount of the oily gel and apply on your face. Then massage for few seconds and keep the gel at least 15 minutes. Then massage again with wet fingertips to emulsifying the gel into nourishing cleansing milk without leaving any residue on the skin. Wash off with water to get flawless skin.



The gel comes in a plastic tube packaging with a white flip top and the name and other info are printed on a paper at the outer part of the tube. The packaging is easy to use and travel friendly too.





Price: INR 250/- for 50g.

Available on Utkarshini

My Experience:

I have been using the mask almost for one month and I think it’s enough to write a feedback on any product. I apply ample amount of the mask on my semi wet face and it gives a warm feel, though that feeling stays only for few seconds. Actually it’s a warming mask with 50% of glycerine. I keep the gel on my face 15-20 minutes. Then spray some water and massage with fingertips for 2 minutes and the gel converts into a foaming cleansing milk type texture. I rinse it with water and the result is fresh and clear face.


The soft oily gel has a very soft and runny texture. And my sensitive skin is happy with. As I wash off the gel turns cleansing milk each time, I get refreshed immediately. This is the first thing I like about the Neem Mud.


I have combo to oily skin and I feel like the gel is helping balance out my skin a lot and treating existing breakouts. It has made my skin feel really supple and my pores are visibly smaller now, and my face is quite bright too.


Overall, I am too happy with the product and am definitely gonna repurchase it. And I strongly recommend this every one looking for a product that gives you all round effect on your face.


Thanks for reading. Coming soon with more such interesting and wonderful products.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay. 


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