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Today I am going to share another new brand and their products– Mitti Se. Like all other brands, I talked before Mitti Se also offers Pure, Natural and Eco-friendly beauty and wellness and cleaning products. I have purchased some products from their website with bloggers discount and they also have sent me some samples. Today I am going to talk about two skincare products, one is Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask and another is Face Serum with Sea Buckthorn & Lavender. But let me introduce the brand first.


The Brand: Mitti Se:

The brand name Mitti Se means ‘From the Earth’. They offer the products the ingredients of which are made with Ayurvedic formulations that are tried and tested over the years. Their goal is  “to make our homes, our lifestyles and earth safer. We provide affordable alternatives to reduce dependence on harmful & unsustainable chemicals”. Explore their website and Facebook page to know more.


Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask:

It’s a powder cleanser for deep pore cleansing. The cleanser removes toxins, nourishes, tones, stimulates healing and removes blemishes.


To Use;

Mix with rose water or plain water (read drinking water) to make a thick paste. For deep pore cleansing use as a mask. For daily cleansing apply on the face and massage gently and rinse.


Nutrient rich river bed Clay saturated in Aloe Vera.

River bed Clay acts as a detoxifying agent to draw out dirt and pollutants of clogged pores. It also can brighten dull, tired skin, help prevent breakouts, heal any skin disorders, mattify the skin by absorbing excess sebum, resurface and rejuvenate the skin.

Aloe Vera acts as an Ayurvedic medicine. It reduces skin inflammation, heals any skin concerns like acne, psoriasis, eczema, removes tan, blemishes, any spots or scars, works on wrinkles and fine lines too.

Suitable for all skin types. Can be used for babies as a soap substitute.

Safe, earth-friendly, handcrafted with minimal processing to preserve the purity of ingredients.

Shelf Life: 5 years after Mfg. dt.


Packaging And Price:

The clay-colored product comes in a transparent sturdy plastic jar with a black screw cap. The 80g powder costs INR 220/-.

My Experience:

I’ve been using the cleanser every night since the day I have received it. I think It’s been 8-9 days. I always prefer special treatment products to use on the skin at night before bed, so that it will get a whole night to show its result. The gray powder has a very mild scent that is quite negligible and honestly I can’t recognize the scent may be for the first time. Whatever, the scent is natural and is so mild that it doesn’t bother even any sensitive nose.


I use it mixing with drinking water and as a cleanser only. I take required amount on my palm, add water to make the paste and apply on all over the face and neck. I wait only for 1 min and rub for another 1 min with gentle upward and outward stroke and rinse with water. The result is fresh and bright face. Before started using the cleanser, I was seeing open pores on my cheeks and blackheads on the tip of the nose and on the chin. You know these are very common for combination to oily skins during summer. After using for 2-3 days I experienced them reducing and now they are almost gone. I think after some more days the face will be totally clear.

The cleanser can also be used by dry and normal skin type to get rid of dull and pale face. Overall, the Aloe Clay Cleanser and Mask is worth trying.

Face Serum: Sea Buckthorn And Lavender:

Regenerates skin cells, removes wrinkles, heals and repaires damaged skin.


To Use:

Apply few drops on damp skin and leave overnight.


Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Wheatgerm oil and Essential oil of Lavender.

Sea Buckthorn contains Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 and very high level of beta-carotene that are known for their effects on skin’s health. It is the perfect oil to fight premature aging, prevent acne, revive skin cells, giving a healthy and youthful skin.

Jojoba oil helps in regenerating the skin cells, controls acne, soothes the irritated skin.

Avocado oil hydrates and softens the skin, effectively treats blackheads, acne, eczema and other skin inflammations.

Wheatgerm oil heals cracked and scarred skin, giving it an even tone and provides natural hydration to the skin.

Lavender oil treats acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles. It soothes irritated nd itchy skin, and insect bites too.

Shelf Life: 3 years from Mfg. dt.


Packaging and Price:

The golden orange colored serum comes in a dark brown glass bottle with a dropper cap. This dropper helps use the serum economically. The 25 ml serum costs INR 795/-.

My Experience:

It is an oil based serum. That’s the reason why I was a bit sceptical to use it on my combination skin, as my skin tends to experience breakouts and acne during summer. But somehow I purchasd it seeing the ingredients list. the serum has mild sweet mixed smell of all the oils in it. Among all the oils you can easily smell the lavender oil in the serum, though the scent is very mild. But that is enough for relaxing your senses.


I apply the serum every night after cleansing by the powder cleanser and toning (by rose water) my face and before my regular night cream. I take 3 drops for my face and 4 drops for my neck, apply amply and even around my eye area. After the first night as I woke up in the morning to my surprise I saw my alredy excisting red bumps reduced much and my face is quite clear and toned. After using for a week, now I can see 1-2 red bumps though they have shrinked much. It has reduced the heat rashes on my neck and has given me a healthy glowing skin.

The combo has made me much happy with the results they have shown within a week. I am recommending the combo for those are worried about your dull, unhealthy and rough skin texture and the dry skin prone to tanning or darkening. These two poducts are quite soft and gentle to the skin. So, the sensitive skin girls can also use it, provided don’t let the cleanser dry on your skin to avoid redness. 

I think today I have talked much. So I should take a break now.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee chattopadhyay.


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