Review On Charcoal Scrub And Charcoal Mask From insta_glam_beauty

Today, I am going to talk about the products, I am using currently and am loving so much that couldn’t but share them with you. They are two products, Charcoal Scrub and Charcoal Mask. These two products are sent to me by Mahera from insta_glam_beauty, a store on Instagram. Before starting with the review of the products, let me tell about the store itself.




The two products in transparent plastic tub



Insta_glam_beauty: A Store on Instagram:

Mahera is a Beauty and Aroma Therapist from Mumbai. She has a salon, named INSTAGLAMi to give some special treatment to the ladies to make them naturally beautiful. And to go for a step ahead, she has started formulating some natural aromatherapy based products to give the ladies all time skin and hair care. And she is spreading her products through her store on Instagram insta_glam_beauty. Visit her store here.

Charcoal Scrub And Charcoal Pack:

With all other products, the brand sent me these two pretty tub of wonderful products the main ingredient of which is Charcoal. As you know charcoal is an ingredient that acts as a magnet to pull out all dirt and oil from the face, leaving it fresh and clear. And that’s why these two pretty tubs have become the essential part of my special skincare routine to combat the effects of urban life. Are you tired of clogged pores and the consequent breakouts, pimples etc? Pick up charcoal and get rid of all these with spots, blemishes. But, I prefer to keep faith on the experts and so have started using the Charcoal scrub and Charcoal mask from insta_glam_beauty. 




The Charcoal scrub and mask combo




Charcoal scrub and mask contain the same ingredients. They are Activated Charcoal, Rose Water, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Lavender, Lemongrass. 

The products are natural, free of all chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colorants.


Directions For Use:

Apply Charcoal scrub on wet face. Rub gently for 5 to 8 minutes with fingertips in circular motion. Rinse off and apply the Charcoal mask on wet face. Rinse off when dry. Apply once in a week for best results.




Ingredients list and other info




Detoxifies skin and brightens the complexion.

Packaging And Price:

The scrub and mask come in a transparent plastic tub with the same screw cap. The product name is attached to the top of the cap and the other info the brand has provided with a separate paper. Both the products cost INR 275/- for 50g each.




The scrub in the tub






The mask in the tub



My Experience:

I have used the products twice as per the direction of the brand. I have got a miraculous result. The first thing I wish to mention is the smell they have. As I first opened the cap I fall immediately in love with the sweet and mixed smell of Lavender and Lemongrass. The smell will relax your senses as you use them. Generally, you will see the Charcoal scrub or mask make the skin dry. But here due to the Glycerine as an ingredient, those products will not dry your skin, rather gives a good hydration. You must be knowing that Glycerine is a miracle ingredient for skin. It can lock the moisture into the skin and also helps to treat acne. Vitamin E is also there to treat the wrinkles and free radical damages. Rosewater reduces the redness, treats acne, dermatitis, and eczema, removes oil and dirt from clogged pores. Lavender and Lemongrass relax senses, detox the harmful toxins, reduce inflammation and fight free radicals.




The scrub






The mask



The first result I have seen after my first usage that the clear glow on my skin. I used in the evening and right after, I couldn’t see any such effect. But the next morning I woke up with a clear, fresh and glowing face. Honestly speaking the glow lasted up to my next usage, giving the same result. Before using them, I was suffering from adult acne and they are just vanished now (touchwood**). In between the two usages, I didn’t go for any special treatment except the basic skincare routine to see the exact result actually. The scrub and mask have deeply cleansed pores and helped to purify the skin to prevent further breakouts. The scrub is very soft and gentle on the skin. It hasn’t caused any sensitivity on my sensitive skin. The mask is also soft and easy to spread on the face. Both of them have helped enough to fight the excess oil on my T-zone and you know this is the biggest issue for the combination skin during summer to keep it shine free. They have done it, making my T-zone noticeably clear.


Overall the combo is super effective especially for combination and oily skin during summer. Believe me, I haven’t seen a con in the combo. Only one request to the brand is to provide an extra leak-proof lid under the screw cap so that the product can’t be leaked. It happened much with the scrub packaging. Otherwise, I didn’t find any wrong with the products themselves. 


Have you tried any charcoal product in your beauty routine? If no, please start using. I am strongly recommending you to try the combo once to get the fresh and clear look.

Thanks for reading. If you find the review helpful, please like and comment below.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


  • P.R. samples. But my review is honest.





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  1. Loved the review alot. I can see something beneficial in the scrub and i.e. It doesn’t seem to be harsh hence that is a boon to oily skin. Looking forward to try it ❤️

  2. These day charcoal products are taking beauty world by storm. Love to such nice product in affordable price.

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