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Summer is in full swing now. And I stay at the place where the moisture is always in the air, making me sweat a lot. And the result is greasy hair. Mine is a combination kinda hair. It’s frizzy with oily scalp and it’s pushed me to spend most of my energy to control the frizz. I think many of you are facing the same issue with your hair. But, you don’t have to worry. Here is the solution. Yes, you are right! I am talking about some hair care products today that will definitely solve your problems. Let’s start!


In a post before, you have seen me talk about scrub and mask duo from a brand Insta_glam_beauty. You can read the full post here. With those products, they sent me three hair care products too, A Shampoo, A Conditioner, and A Hair mask. Insta_glam_beauty is a salon in Mumbai. They have started making beauty products for us and have been selling on Instagram. All their products are handmade, natural and safe for the skin and hair. Visit the store here.





Saffron Rejuvenating Shampoo:

The Saffron rejuvenating shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo for all hair types, especially for dry, damaged hair. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair, locking the moisture in and protecting hair from the environmental issues.





Directions For Use:

Apply to wet hair and massage gently to work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. For best results use saffron conditioner after daily shampoo.


Active Ingredients:

Saffron, Rosemary, Lavender and Avocado Oil.


Softens and Smoothens hair.

Saffron with loads of anti-oxidants in it, combats hair fall, promotes hair growth, protects hair from the pollution.

Rosemary stimulates hair growth, prevents baldness, slows graying and treats dandruff.

Lavender treats the itchy scalp, and dandruff, helps hair growth, makes hair healthy and prevents hair loss.

Avocado Oil being the storehouse of antioxidants, monosaturated fatty acids prompts blood flow to hair, promotes hair growth, moisturizes and repairs and strengthens hair strands, giving shine to hair and making it frizz free.


Packaging And Price:

The light yellow colored shampoo comes in a sturdy transparent bottle with white flip top cap. The 200 ml costs INR 275/-.



My Experience:

The light and gentle shampoo has a creamy texture, neither too thick, not so runny. It has a mild fruity smell, though I don’t like the fruity smell in any beauty product. I have been using the shampoo for over two weeks and has got an amazing result for my wavy and frizzy hair.




I take only coin sized amount (as in the picture) and apply on wet hair and scalp. It gives a good lather, cleansing the roots very well and doesn’t make it dry at all. It has made my hair manageable and I can comb through the strands easily. The oily scalp is no longer any problem with me. My hair looks shiny now. If you have dry and damaged hair and looking for a good moisturizing shampoo, your search ends here.

Saffron Conditioner:

Give your hair proper hydration with this Saffron conditioner. It maintains moisture, prevents frizz, making the hair smooth and shiny.




Directions For Use:

After washing the hair with Saffron shampoo, apply conditioner directly on towel dry hair strands and comb through, avoiding the scalp. Wait for 3-4 minutes and wash off thoroughly with water.

Active Ingredients:

Saffron, Lavender, Rosemary.

Packaging and Price:

The off white colored conditioner comes in a cute transparent plastic jar with a lime yellow screw cap. 100 ml product costs INR 175/-.



My Experience:

The creamy conditioner with sweet floral scent smells amazing. My frizzy hair always needs a conditioner to get manageable. This conditioner is specifically for the problematic hair, i.e. the hair which needs special care like me. After using 3-4 times with the shampoo I am quite happy with my hair now. It has given my hair required shine, smoothness and has made my frizz manageable. What else one should want from a conditioner?


Intense Hair Repair Mask:

When the hair becomes dry and brittle due to sun exposure, pollution, colorants, intense hair mask comes then to rescue the dry ends of your hair. So, if you want to give more attention to your hair, can go for this Intense Hair Repair Mask.



Directions For Use:

Apply on shampooed and towel dried hair. Apply the mask evenly on scalp and hair. Cover your head with shower cap or towel and leave for 30 mins. Wash with warm water and mild shampoo.


Active Ingredients:

Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Rosemary, Lavender, Nagarmotha, Bhringraj.



Improves blood circulation, Stops hair fall, Promotes hair regrowth and softens hair.

Aloe vera acts as a great hair conditioner, leaving your hair smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, treats dandruff.

Nagarmotha is an Ayurvedic medicine for hair treatment. It works deeply on the hair roots and sebaceous glands to promote hair regrowth.

Bhringraj is also an Ayurvedic medicine to promote healthy and lustrous hair. It rejuvenates the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Packaging and Price:

The beige colored mask comes in a transparent sturdy jar with black screw cap under which a white protective lid is there. 100g product costs INR 275/-




My Experience:

This creamy post-shampoo hair mask smells heavenly. When I apply it my washroom is filled with the smell and it relaxes my senses. The smell stays quite long. You can see in the picture that the mask looks like the pineapple jam. The texture is really good. It’s not very thick and easy to apply. The mask is good to use once in a week. I have used it twice, but sorry to say the mask doesn’t work for me that much I think of it. It has made my scalp more oily and consequently my hair greasy, Then I came to know that the mask is suitable for dry scalp and frizzy hair while mine is an oily scalp. So, the next time I have used it only on my hair strands. This time it works but sorry to say not so much as the shampoo and conditioner have done. And the next day my hair becomes greasy and I have to wash it. Then I pass it on to my cousin who has dry scalp and frizzy, colored hair. On her, it has done a miracle. She has quite impressed using it.  So, I recommend the mask only for those who have dry scalp. You will be happy to use it.


Overall, Among the three I am happy with the shampoo and conditioner combo and going to repurchase them after finishing these. But the mask is a big no for me.


I think the article is helpful enough for your summer hair care. Are you going to buy any of them? Then visit here.

Thanks for reading. Will be back soon with more such products.


  • P.R. samples, but the review is honest.

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