Review : Roots Magique Mud Pure Clarifying Face Mask 

Today I am going to tell you about a wonderful face mask, that’s Mud Pure Clarifying Face Mask from Roots Magique. In my October Reverie Luxury Box, I’ve received the product. Check out here. I was excited to use it and share you my experiences. Roots Magique  is the brand that is working with the products formulated with purely natural ingredients. And the proof of this I experienced in the mask. Now let me share you my feelings about Mud Pure Clarifying Face Mask.


The powdered mask comes in a dark brown glass bottle with a cork. And the bottle was kept in a jute packaging.Really unique and I love it. As I didn’t buy it individually, I’m not sure about the exact price. But I searched for the price on Google and saw the 30 gm bottle costs 450 /-.


Turmeric, French green clay Rhassoul clay,  Fullers earth, Amaranth, Fenugreek. 


I applied the mask by mixing with water to get the exact result from the herbs. It has a pure and natural smell of turmeric and fenugreek which gives a fresh feeling.This mask is meant to clarify and heal the skin by absorbing dirt and oil. And it really does so. As I wipe out the mask with a wet cotton cloth, I felt fresh and relaxed. I had a soft glow on my face that you can also see if you give a look at the picture below.




I know many of you have already used it. Please share your experiences here. And those who have not still used it , buy immediately for getting a glowing skin .  Visit here


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