Sandalwood Powder: The Skincare Expert.



Every woman wishes to get glowing and flawless skin. She spends a lot of money in buying expensive skincare products and visiting beauty salons to get that look . But, if she looks at Nature, she can get many wonderful ingredients that can give her healthy skin without making a hole in her pocket. One such ingredient is sandalwood that may come as a boon to her. Sandalwood is the sweet smelling wood of a tree that is found in South Asia and Australia. You can use it as the form of powder or oil. Though, sandalwood powder is safer to use than the oil. Being potent sandalwood oil may cause sensitivity, so it is recommended to use always mixing with some carrier oil. The soothing aroma and the healing property of sandalwood has numerous benefits on skin.






The antiseptic properties of sandalwood helps to treat rashes, acne and other skin eruptions. It gives a fair and glowing skin, by removing tan, blemishes or acne scars. The cooling and soothing properties of sandalwood calms the skin. It rejuvenates and improves the complexion, reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin. Sandalwood is useful for all skin types.







The pack is very easy to prepare. Mix sandalwood powder and rosewater to make a thick paste. Apply the pack on face, let it dry and rinse off. It removes tan and gives you a clear and glowing skin, by removing all impurities from the face. I use it every morning instead of face wash. The pack  also helps to cool the surface of the skin and gives a relief from sweating. It will treat your acne too. Those who have dry skin, use milk instead of rosewater.



Mix sandalwood powder with oats, dried rose petals and rosewater. Apply on face. After 5 minutes rub it with very soft hand and wash off. This natural exfoliator gives you a rejuvenated skin, by removing dead cells.



Mix sandalwood powder with honey and turmeric( optional) and apply it on your face, keep for 15 minutes and rinse off. This pack reduces the wrinkles and fine lines, moisturizes and softens the skin. If you use turmeric, please make a paste of turmeric root instead of ready made powder.


Sandalwood is used a lot in India. If you make a paste of the powder mixing with water and apply only on your forehead, it will treat the migraine or any kinds of headache and will also cool down your body in hot weather, relax your mind, and help you in deep sleep.


So, it can be said that sandalwood is the ultimate solution for all skin problems. As, it is a natural substance, it has no side effects. I’ll be happy, if you will share your experiences. Take  care .


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay .


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