Skincarevilla Shop Green Clay Mask: A healthy and Affordable Option to Get Flawless Skin.

Green Clay, Mask

Mine is carefully curated beauty routine. It’s all about effortlessness, joy and minimalism. I love to use stuff from the brands who Keep faith in efficacious botanicals, healing clays and natural substitutes for harsh chemicals and must be cruelty free. In a word they must be unique and uplifting. One such brand is Skincarevilla shop. This is not any secret now that Skincarevilla shop always stays in my top priority. I’ve tried almost all of their products.


Skincarevilla shop is famous for their powder cleansers. And those are really good considering efficacy, price and availability. But Sonali, the brain behind makes cleansing balms or face masks too. Today I am going to share my thoughts about such mask that she has sent me to use and review. Well, let’s start with Skincarevilla shop Green Clay Mask.


Green Clay, face, mask



Skincarevilla Shop Green Clay Mask:

To be honest, before using this mask I had not so much idea about Green Clay and its amazing benefits on my complexion. I couldn’t imagine the difference this 10 minutes mask might provide. Let’s first talk about this soothing green mask itself.


Green Clay, face mask



This mask suits all skin types, specifically oily and combination skin. A magic wand to oily and blemished skin. It helps unclog and shrink pores and draws toxins from the skin, giving you a smoother, clearer and more even skin tone. Actually clay masks are some easy and affordable option to get flawless glowing skin. They help so much to improve the skin texture that they’re becoming healthy habit to include in your daily beauty ritual. Are you intrigued? Scroll down then!




French Green Clay, Kaolin Clay, Organic Neem Powder, Aloe Powder, Cucumber Powder.



Take one teaspoon mask and add water to make a smooth paste. Apply evenly to your face and neck and wash off with cold water once semi dry or dry. Do not use metal to mix or scoop out the product.


Green Clay, face mask


Price: INR 250/ 50g.


Available here.




The green colored powder comes in a transparent sturdy plastic jar (you can ask for glass jar too) with silver screw cap. Light, compact packaging to carry everywhere you go to. All the necessary details are provided on the outer part of the jar.





My Experience:


I have been using this mask for quite a long time. It works like a magnet pulling out dirt and pollutants and promotes blood circulation. As I wash the mask off, my skin feel awake and calm. Lovely experience I must say!! Green Clay Mask has a sweet yet mild smell of herbs, mainly of Cucumber in it.


Green Clay, face mask


As it’s a powder, you have to add liquid to activate. Though it’s recommended to use water, I use other liquids, or sometimes gels too. If one day I add any floral water ( rosewater/Jasmine water) or hydrosols (rose/rosemary/aloe vera/cucumber), some other day, I pick up aloe vera gel or lotus gel or lavender gel. Whatever you add, take equal parts of the powder and the liquid to form the soft and smooth paste. Did I say, the powder itself is quite smooth?


Green Clay, face, mask



It’s our tendency to keep the mask until it gets dry completely. But my suggestion is not to let it harden. Clay then will suck the natural oil from your skin making you feel tight and may be dehydrated.





How does my skin feel after washing off:


French Green Clay and Kaolin Clay absorb excess oil and deep clean the skin. While Cucumber, Neem and Aloe vera calm and rejuvenate the skin, heal acne or other skin concern, trap the moisture and give immediate glow. Though clays may make you feel sucked dry, it has aloe vera to soothe the skin and feels luscious. Overall, the mask calms the redness and inflammation. Your skin will feel relaxed and refreshed. Read more here.


Green Clay, face mask



What is your favorite product from Skincarevilla Shop? Please let me know if you use this mask.


Thanks for reading.



*P.R. sample, but my review is based on my personal experience.




12 thoughts on “Skincarevilla Shop Green Clay Mask: A healthy and Affordable Option to Get Flawless Skin.”

  1. Mujhe bhi inke products bahut pasand hain, bahut hi care n pyaar k sath ye product ready karty hain, without any chemical aur result bhi 100% 👍👍
    Review bahut honest n detailed hain 👏👏 thank you

  2. .I love they way Sonali makes her products 🙂 My favorite is Green Tea Mint Cleanser. I’m strictly on no-buy as my current stash is not yet over. Trust me I’ve been eyeing her green clay mask since the day she launched it and will try it soon in next 2 to 3 months. The effect on your skin looks wow and the ingredients are my personal favorite. Kaolin is a gem to suck all oil from oily skin and I use it in my DIY’s too.

  3. Sonali’s products are 100% pure and absolutely no nonsense. I like the way my skin feels after using each product.

  4. I love the ‘green-ness’ of the mask – so much fun! lovely review – i face issue of red-ness and great to come across a mask that specifically can sooth it – would love to try this out, especially the next time i have outdoor-time planned.

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