Monsoon skincare tips

Hi everyone, now monsoon is here with all its beauty, romance and nostalgia. After the scorching heat of summer monsoon comes as a welcome relief, as the weather becomes so soothing, trees become more green and beautiful.

But my friends I know what do you want to say. Yeah there are some hitches also of monsoon.

                     During monsoon the resistance of body  has naturally reduced because of the infections we commonly face. They are common cold, flu , indigestion problems, and many more. And in this season one also gets affected with some skin diseases like prickly heat , eczema etc. All these affect our skin so badly. So it is important that one must take care of the skin very seriously.



The important steps 

  • you must take care of the food you eat and the water you drink. The junk and spicy food, and the food from the roadside stalls should be honestly avoided. Avoid uncooked vegetables as salads, because the possibility of getting caught by germs is much higher here. Instead eat salads blanched in boiling water to disinfect them.
  • You have to take plenty of water  (8/10 glasses ) to keep your body hydrated and must ensure that the water you take must be filtered properly. Because many diseases are attacked due to water.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables, the food enriched with vitamin C and proteins and lessen the fat intake. You can get  vitamins c in citrus fruits like lemons , oranges , grapes, etc. They fight infections, improve your immune system, purify and brighten your skin destroying free radicals , while providing a radiant glow to your skin and rejuvenating the skin from inside. These citrus fruits do more to skin. They help to smooth wrinkles and age spots and also provide a protective shield against UV rays. So you must  add vitamin C enriched food in you diet chart. Proteins are also a must for your healthy and glowing skin. You will find proteins in meat , poultry, fish, egg, milk and all dairy products, cheese, soy etc.
  • Proteins build and repair the tissues. New research suggests that foods rich in proteins, certain vitamins and minerals might provide anti-aging effects. That’s why it is said that Good Food, Good Skin.
  • So beauties to get flawless, glam look must take special care of what you eat and drink. And another important thing that to get the flawless skin sweat it out regularly. That means you must do exercises. May it be jogging or aerobics or swimming or it maybe yoga. You can revive your old hobby. .. dancing. It will make you happy also. And all we know that happy face is the best flawless, glam face.


Special Skincare:


Still now I was discussing the ways to take care of skin from inside. But you have to use some simple steps from outside also. Everyday go for cleansing -toning-moisturising ritual twice. Sunscreen is a must for daytime, even in a  cloud day. The oily skin beauties don’t  be in the false notion that you don’t need any moisturiser. That is must even for you also, but you use water based moisturiser when the dry skin use cream based. The combination beauties for the t-zone use water based and for the cheeks cream based to provide proper care to  your skin. Please fashionistas use minimal make up in this season  and that should be waterproof one. Before going to bed remove all the  makeup. Now  I am going to share you some DIY recipes for skincare.


Mix cottage cheese  (chhena ) with honey , apply on face, keep it for 5 mins, then wash off. The dry skin beauties add some olive oil in it . To make  cottage cheese pour lime juice into boiling milk.


Mix grapeseed oil with your toner and use.  Grapeseed oil removes tan , reduces wrinkles and gives an instant glow. Oily , combination and sensitive skin use sandalwood or orange toner , dry skin use rose toner. Normal skin can use both. Cucumber juice is a good toner for oily skin. Dry skin can boil some dried rose petals in water and your toner is ready.


♡For Oily Skin ♡

Mix fuller’s earth (multani misti ) , rosewater, 1 pinch camphor , natural aloe vera gel and neem-basil paste. Apply the paste on face ,keep it for 10 mins and rinse with slightly warm water. The pack reduces oiliness and give the skin a clean feel. Use the pack once a week.

♡For Dry Skin ♡

Make a pack of honey, rose water , mashed banana, and olive oil. Apply on face, wait for  15 mins and rinse with cold water.  It hydrates the skin and rejuvenate it. Use once a week.

♡For Normal Skin♡

Mix yogurt , rose petals and honey. Apply it on face ,wait for  10 mns , rinse with normal water. It detans, gives an instant glow. Use once in a week.

♡For Combination Skin ♡

This type of skin demands special care. You have to care for t-zone and cheeks separately. Mix milk and honey . Now  with it add lemonjuice for t-zone and almond oil for cheeks. It takes extra care of combination skin. Keep the pack 10 mins and wash off with slightly warm water. Use once a week.

Sensitive skin beauties use the pack provided for oily skin or combination skin.

At the end I want to say that above all these recipes are good but they’re not enough. Keep yourself stress free. Stress is the biggest enemy of our skin. And be happy whatever the reason is. Everyday must listen to good music may it be vocals or instrumentals. Music soothes our mind and keep us relaxed giving us flawless,  glam look. 



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