Spa In A Little Jar: Cherry Care Hand and Cuticle Cream From Fuschia (VKare)

It’s our tendency to spend a lot for anti-aging creams, serums, treatment in salons, but we always forget that our hands also show signs of aging, sometimes even more than our face or hair. Though, hand creams usually come at the bottom of our list. Do we think anytime what our hands go through every day, in our households, offices, parties and all? So, in some measure, a good nourishing hand cream is a must to protect our hands against aging. And, it’s not only me the dermatologists also suggests that you should show some love to your hands. So, I am going to review today a nourishing hand and cuticle cream with deep moisturizing properties from my all time favorite brand fuschia by VKare.

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The Brand: Fuschia by VKare.

Fuschia is the range of Handmade Natural Skincare products by VKare. All their products are formulated with natural ingredients and are free of SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils. And the “cherry on the cake” is their products are not tested on animals. To know more visit their Facebook Page.

*A natural rich cream that checks premature aging of skin caused by chlorine in water, atmospheric pollution, and ill health. Keep your delicate hands moisturized with this Cherry Extract enriched Hand & Nail Cream. It is an ultra-moisturizing hand cream with deep moisturizing properties and a sweet floral elegant aroma. This hand cream immediately absorbed into your skin for long-lasting moisturization. This cream provides moisture with a pleasant fragrance, and skin feels soft, supple and conditioned. The cream is non-greasy and lightweight.

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Directions For Use:

Smooth over hand as often as required, especially after washing. Apply an appropriate amount evenly onto hands and give a light massage.

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Packaging and Price:

The baby pink colored hand and cuticle cream comes in a transparent plastic jar with a silver screw lid on which the brand name and ingredients are printed. The jar is so light that I could carry it to my recent tour comfortably. The 100 gm jar costs Rs 400/-. Available here ( Direct Link ).


Aqua, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, coconut Oil, Bee’s Wax, Almond oil, Cherry Ext., Mint Ext., Vitamin E, Allantoin.

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My Experience:

The pink colored cream has a mild mixed smell, though the mint scent is stronger than other. The smell is so mild that it doesn’t irritate your nose and you will get refreshed at once. It has a creamy consistency that is not very thick and is absorbed within a minute of massaging, giving a cooling effect and instant moisturization.

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Here is the cream

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Nicely absorbed in the skin, giving a good moisturization.

I use the cream twice religiously in the morning after the shower and at night before bed and whenever I need to. I carry it in my vanity wherever I go. The packaging is quite travel-friendly. Along with the hands, I rub it on my cuticles too. My hands are drier in comparison to my face and body. It has made my hands softer and more nourished. I have been using it for more than a week and during this period I didn’t need any special treatment for my hand and also for the cuticles. Rather I can feel them more hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. And now I don’t even feel to apply the cream frequently. In short, it is a spa in a little jar. Though it is a bit expensive, but don’t you think it’s much less costly than a spa in a salon?

Are you still thinking of buying? Go and grab yours. I bet your hands will thank you. Go to Flipkart (direct link) You will get a discounted price here.


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