Start Your Day With Aloe Face Wash And Handmade Soap From Green Bliss.

Nowadays a number of brands have come up for skin care and hair care. Many of you are often confused about which product will work best and not damage the skin. Actually, it is very important in skincare and haircare to choose the right product from the right brand. Of course, you can’t cheat on your skin or hair. That’s why I am trying to give you the idea about the brands who brought the products those are skin-friendly and are sourced from Nature. One such brand is Green Bliss, the brand for 100% organic food and beauty products. Jasnaturals sent me two products from Green Bliss, Aloe Face Wash and Aloe Handmade Soap to write reviews on them.


About Jasnaturals:

Jasnaturals in their own voice,” The search for natural and beauty care and cosmetics for my personal use, leads me to this website I have come across many brands and companies of which some are really natural and organic apart from only putting it on the labels and being false claimers.”

Jasnaturals provide their consumers with 100% Prime Naturals and Vegan Cosmetics. Beauty Care, Bath Care, Hand Crafts, and Snacks curated for the benefits of the customer and the nature in the best eco-friendly way possible.


About Green Bliss:

Green Bliss offers a wide range of skincare and haircare that are 100% organic, vegan, chemical free and not tested on animals. The products are sourced selectively from nature.


Aloe Vera Soap: Handmade With Love.

Aloe vera earns a permanent place in many a household. Be it sunburn or to remove tan, or to treat acne. Aloe vera is one product that always comes to rescue. This gives the skin a wonderful glow and helps combat aging of the skin. Regular use of the soap rejuvenates and keeps your skin bright and beautiful.



Antipruritic, Heals Sunburn, Keeps skin hydrated.


Instruction To Use:

Apply soap on wet body and face and rub it gently to produce lather, then wash off.


Aloe Vera.


75 gms @ Rs 160/-.


My Experience:

It’s been two weeks, I am using the soap. The green color of the soap soothed my eyes on the very first day I picked it up in my hand. It has a mild scent which I can’t name but it’s very refreshing. When I use it in my bath, the washroom is filled with a nice aroma that immediately relaxes my mind. The soap actually gives the perfect bath, refreshing and relaxing the body and mind. It is soft but is not melted easily. Creates a soft and rich lather, leaving the skin soft and bright. It has cleared the impurities and oil but doesn’t make the skin dry and removed the tan from my arm and back. The soap is suitable for all skin types in all seasons. I would definitely recommend it to everyone and am going to repurchase it. You can buy from here or for buying visit here.

Aloe Face Wash:

The basic beauty regimen has three steps, C-T-M. That means, cleansing-toning-moisturising. So, a healthy beauty regime is not complete without a good facewash. And if a face wash contains aloe vera that will be a magic wand from nature. And that happens with this Aloe Face Wash from Green Bliss. You must be getting excited to know why I am saying this. So, sit back and scroll down. The Aloe Face Wash contains ingredients like Crocus Sativus which is a source of pro-vitamin A and Tulsi which is known to have antiseptic and healing properties. This improves facial skin and makes it appear younger. 



Triticum Sativum( common wheat), Crocus Sativus ( commonly known as saffron crocus), Smilax Chinensis, Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera.

Packaging and Price:

The face wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a spray dispenser. The 100 ml product costs Rs 275/-.


Dampen face and neck. Take a small amount of face wash and gently lather into face using small circular movements. Rinse off.

My Experience:

It is probably the best ever solution to wash off the extra oil and the blackheads from the skin. The light gel like face wash is a miracle I say. The first thing I like about it is its smell. It smells heavenly. I think I have said all about the smell, saying ‘heavenly’. It shows its result from the very first use. It has removed excess oiliness, making the skin clear. It has deeply cleansed the skin and pores, removing blackheads. It also prevents blackheads to come back. The combination of Aloe Vera, Neem and Tulsi maintains the skin’s pH balance too. It is suitable for all skin types, but best suited for the sensitive and acne prone skin. Honestly speaking, I am obsessed with it and strongly recommend you all buy, irrespective of skin type. I am also going to buy after finishing it. You can buy from here. Also, you can visit to buy the face wash.

The face wash is also 100% natural, 100% vegan.

Have you used any of these products or any other from the brand? If so, share your thoughts here. 

Thanks for reading. I am coming back very soon with more such natural products.


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