The Nature’s Co Green Clay Body Wrap: The Ultimate Makeover Of Body



We always take care of our face using great skincare products, but we forget to pamper the body which is as necessary as pampering the face, rather I say sometimes it’s more important, especially the areas that are exposed much under the Sun. You should make it a routine to use body lotions, creams and exfoliators.As we use packs on the face, the same way body packs should be used at least once in a week to get a tightened, toned and firmer body and thus will look younger with improved skin texture and tightness. Here’s come the wonderful body pack which will give an ultimate makeover to your body is The Nature’s Co Green Clay Body Wrap.


The Nature’s Co did send me the body wrap on Diwali with some other nice goodies to write a review on the wrap. Though I received them after one week of Diwali. Now let me come into the product. Today I am not telling much about the brand because you all are much aware of this brand. I love the brand because of the fact that this PETA approved cruelty-free brand is selling vegan and chemical free products. If you like to know more, visit here.




As the brand claims Green Clay Body Wrap firms and tones your entire body, eliminate excess fluids and toxins leaving you with taut, healthy glowing body. Because it is rich in minerals and is made out of the finest natural, earthy ingredients, it gives you a beautiful skin on more than just your face.






Bearberry Extract, Liquorice Extract, Green Clay Base, Aroma And Natural PreservativesQ.S.



My sample product(25 ml) comes in a white small tub with a white screw cap. But I visited different stores where I saw that it has packed in a huge white tub with 200 ml stuff. And it costs 1450 INR. Do you think it expensive? But whichever site I visited to see the product, only saw one tag “out of stock”. Actually, the body wrap is a gem.







This moss green pack is very thick in texture. So, you have to mix it with a little water to apply easily on the body. It has a mild fruity scent that is very relaxing. When I used it I mixed with rosewater. It’s very thick, so the little amount goes long. Applied it all over my body, kept it for 15 minutes, gave the 2 minutes light massage and washed off with lukewarm water. It is easily washable too. After washing the first thing I felt that the hydration it has given to my skin. During Autumn my skin becomes too dry and I have to use loads of body creams after a bath. But after using this body wrap I had to apply very minimum amount of my body cream. It made my skin really soft and toned and cleared all impurities, giving a fresh and clear skin. Surely it has done what the brand claims. Moreover, the body wrap is vegan, natural and is free of all chemicals.It is not tested on any furry friend of us. Now, I think you can understand why it is ‘out of stock’ in different websites.


Shall I buy a full size? Surely I shall buy and am asking you to buy also. It is worth buying. 

Thanks for reading. If you have used it, share your thoughts here. I love to hear from you. This much for today. Again I’ll come with such wonderful product. Till then, bye.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Note: All the feelings are my own. Though I have written about the product on the basis of a P.R. sample, no one has forced me to write this way.



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