The March PinkMint Box: Review And Unboxing.

When a Subscription Box addict like me see a new subscription service in town, what could she have done but subscribing that! Yes, I am saying about the new member in the Subscription box Family The PinkMint Box.  It is a monthly subscription service, comprising the lifestyle box, jewelry box, beauty box. I have purchased this month’s box on a blogger discount. Let’s scroll down to see what I have received.

The PinkMint Box: March Beauty Box.

This month’s theme for The PinkMint Box is Beauty Box. In the box, they have sent 3 full-size products and 2 samples with free gifts. And for all these, you have to pay only Rs 850/-. All the products, they are sending from reputed brands. The products are all Natural, Paraben-free, and Cruelty-free. 


Here is the box with 3 full-size and 2 samples with 2 gifts.

What I Have Received:

1. Berry Blend And Apricot Intense Moisturizer from FuschiaVKare ( full-size- 100 ml) @ 450/-.

The product has brought the happiest smile on my face, is this one. First of all, I am a die heart fan of the Fuschia products. And I have already used another intense moisturizer Lemongrass and Lime Intense Moisturizer that I have got in one of my GloBox. That one is a good effective moisturizer. It gives a good moisturization and makes the skin soft and supple. I think this Berry Blend and Apricot moisturizer will be more effective as it has apricot that helps to fight free radicals and promote skin health. I haven’t opened it yet. Let me use it, I will share my experience with you.


2. Fresh Pop Caffeine Face Wash From MCaffeine Official ( full-size – 150 ml) @450/-.

Another full-size product in the box from MCaffeine official. This is a brand that is India’s first energizing personal care brand. I have used their body butter and hair cream. Both are good, especially the hair cream. Read the post here. This face wash has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E as the key ingredients with Caffeine. The brand is saying it face energizer. Let’s use first.


3. Strawberry Soap ( full-size) @ 80/-

Oh! What a smell the soap has! It has a fabulous aroma that filled the room even before opening the big pink box. The smell is like that of mixed fruit jam. The soap is pinkish red with a little orange undertone. It’s dragging me under the shower. I have to use it first.


4. The Two Samples: Bath and Scrub Salt ( Rs 450/-) And Cleansing Milk (Rs 130/-) from Biobloom:

Here’re two samples from Biobloom. I am excited to try them as I haven’t used any Biobloom product till date. Seeing the ingredients list of both of them, I can say that they will make my skin more glowing. The cleansing milk has its key ingredients Apricot, Lavender, and Jojoba oil. It can be said then this cleansing milk will give a nice healthy glow to my skin. The bath salt has Sea Buckthorn and Peppermint as the key ingredients, including rose petals, ylang-ylang, and geranium oils. Should I say more?


5. The Gifts:

The PinkMint Box has sent a bangle and two tea pouches from Typhoo worth total Rs 300/-. The teas are caffeine free, luxurious fruit infusion. The ingredients list with hibiscus, clove, ginger, cinnamon, rosehips says that the tea pouches are going to be healthy. The bangle is really awesome.


Now, you can see that The PinkMint Box is so inexpensive and worth buying. The products they have included are all essential for our everyday beauty ritual and all from premium brands. And it is very easy to subscribe. The website is quite user-friendly and the person behind PinkMint, Sharia Quereshi is very supportive. I recommend you to try this new Subscription Service once. To buy visit here.


Buy the box and share your thoughts here. Hope you love the post. Stay tuned for some more new brands and their products.



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