Top 6 Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil.

For centuries, roses are the second name of love and romance. If a person whom you love the most, be your best friend or the special one in your life, offers you a rose (specifically the red rose) it immediately boosts up your mood. It will introduce a happy feeling or ignite your emotions. So does the Rose Essential Oil. 

Rose essential oil is now widely used as the mood elevator. If it is introduced in the treatment of a person suffering from depression, the symptoms of depression can be relieved rapidly. This oil has great benefits on our skin too. It can brighten the skin, making it healthy and radiant, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, lighten the tan and scars, treats acne, and promotes hair growth also.



Rose essential oil is extracted from the petals of the rose. as rose petals are not very high in oil content, it takes several thousands of rose petals to produce just one ounce of rose oil. This is  the reason why rose essential oil tends to be expensive. Though, its high price does not prevent it from being one of the most popular of essential oils.



Rose Essential Oil can be used in different ways. Either you can use it by mixing with water or any carrier oil. You can mix it with your regular cream or moisturizer. It can be used in diffusers for an amazing aromatherapy effect.



The calming aroma of rose oil is a mood enhancer, it calms and soothes the nerves and relieves the symptoms of depressions, heals fatigue, stress and helps to get rid of tension. Mix 4/5 drops of rose oil to your bath or use in a diffuser to boost your mood and the positivity level and to create an uplifting atmosphere of joy and happiness.



For its antiseptic qualities, rose oil can be used to treat the wound. Topically applying on the affected area, it can heal the wound and also protect the wound to become septic and to develop further infections.



Rose oil can ease spasm in our respiratory system or in intestine too. It can also help to cure convulsions, muscle cramps or muscle pulls.



Due to its astringent properties, Rose oil tones and lightens the skin. If you are suffering from acne, apply 2/3 drops of rose oil on your skin by mixing with any carrier oil ( coconut oil will be the most effective) or with your daily moisturiser. As it can retain the moisture into skin, it is beneficial for dry skin too.


Rose essential oil can strengthen the roots of the hair to promote hair growth. Mix rose oil with coconut oil or any of your regular oil and apply on the scalp, leave overnight and shampoo with a mild herbal oil next morning. It will leave your hair soft and shiny. Rose essential oil can strengthen the roots of the hair and help prevent hair loss.


Rose oil regulates the women hormones to offer relief to premenstrual, menstrual and menopausal issues. And it also can be good for arousing libido. Mix rose oil with jasmine or ylang-ylang essential oils and some carrier oils and diffuse them throughout the home or bedroom or rub the mixture on your back.

So, my dear friends here some of the benefits of Rose Essential Oil. Go, experiment and share your experiences here. I shall be waiting for your comments. Till then bye. Stay tuned. I am coming with more essential oils.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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Note: Do not use undiluted essential oils on the skin.Keep away from the children.Do not use essential oil if you are pregnant or under any medical supervision without consulting a physician.


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