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Top 6 easy tips to get soft hands.

Today’s post is the result of a video call from one of my colleagues. Around 2-3 days back she made a video call to show the bad condition of her hands. She was experiencing rashes and redness with severe itching. The thought came immediately in my mind that it might be due to extreme dryness. I shared some easy tips and she told today that it’s healing. 


We are in lockdown now and the situation demands frequent washing of our hands. Not only that we have given our helping hands leave. So, we have to do all household chores like dishwashing, dusting, cleaning of rooms and the lists go on. Dryness of hands becomes obvious if we don’t take proper care.


Well, I am sharing some easy tips using the ingredients that you can easily get at home. I know you can’t buy anything from outside. Don’t worry, I am using them and I am not seeing any dryness on my hands. Let’s start then.


Easy tips to make your hands soft:


Tip 1:

Wash your hands with gentle, chemicals free hand washes. If your hand wash liquid contains Shea Butter and/or Avocado oil, that will be very helpful. If you don’t have now, nothing to be worried about. There are many ways to make the hands soft. You can buy this body wash to use instead of hand washes. I use it. The product is really very good.



Tip 2:

Mix Olive oil and sugar to exfoliate your hands.


Soft hands, easy, tips,


Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Olive oil and sugar (regular sugar from your kitchen) and apply. Keep for several minutes and then rub for 1 minute. Wash off with water. If you don’t have olive oil, pick up any other oil, you have with you. That may be coconut oil, or almond oil or even mustard oil will work.


Tip 3:

Try this method using Coconut oil, glycerine and honey. 


Soft hands, easy tips, DIY


Mix equal parts of Coconut oil and honey and 1/2 part of glycerine well into a bowl. Apply the mixture on your palms (recommended to use twice a day), keep for at least 20 minutes. The more the better. Wash off and pat dry. This pack will give you a healthy, baby soft skin. It will help diminish wrinkles too.


Tip 4:


Mix Milk, honey and glycerine to get rid of extreme dry and pigmented hands.


Sift hands, easy tips, DIY


Mix 1 tablespoon milk with few drops of honey and glycerine. You can add aloe vera to the mixture, if you have in your closet. If milk is not available at your area like ours, use milk powder instead. Apply on your palms, keep for minimum 20 minutes and wash off with water. Suggested to use at night.


Tip 5:

Every day you might go through some skincare ritual to keep your facial skin on point. Please, give some love to your hands as well. They are also a part of your beauty. Apply a good hand cream every night before bed. You might not have any hand cream right now and, it’s not possible to buy one from the market. I suggest you to use boroline/ vaseline. I think there’s no Indian house that doesn’t have one of those multitaskers. These are available in any medicine or grocery store.



Soft hands easy, tips, DIY


Tip 6:


Do you think you have not much time to do all those DIYs? Here’s a simple remedy for you then. When you serve bread and butter at the breakfast, take a little amount of butter and rub on your palms. Keep it as long as possible. Tell me after 2-3 days.


I think you will find these remedies very easy and helpful for getting soft hands. You may not get required results in a day. But these will show their magic within 2-3 days. If you have any query feel free to ask me. 


Thanks for reading. #stayathomestaysafe.


Love from Shreemayee.






19 thoughts on “Top 6 easy tips to get soft hands.”

  1. These are good tips to ensure soft hands. With the exposure to chemicals in soaps etc., they do tend to get rough and dry, and hence care needs to be taken in selection of products that are not harsh on the hands.

  2. I seriously needed these wonderful tips as these days my hands have become rough and bit dry definitely will check out the tips thank you for sharing…

  3. These tips were really needed at this point when we have to do all the chores of the house without any help. Hands were turning so dry.

  4. Frequent hand washing makes the hand dry and rough. Even my hands turned out very dry these days. Thanks for your easy to follow tips and tricks.

  5. My hands tend to get dry and these tips are much needed for me… Especially going to try milk, honey and glycerin one.

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