Top 8 Benefits of Face Oils to Get Healthy Skin.

Face Oils, benefits, healthy skin

Do you still think oils are only for dry skin people? Then you are missing a wonderful step in your daily skincare regime. If you can choose the right oil for your skin, this old school beauty secret can do miracle to give you vibrant and youthful complexion.


Face Oils,



I still remember the day when I saw on Instagram people talking about face oils. And there was no chance of using oils for me. I was not at all interested to apply oil on my acne prone, combination skin. It was the scene until I came across Skincarevilla Shop Coffee Green tea face oilSomehow I gained courage to use it and OMG, I was just sold. Used few drops at night and woke up with glowing skin without any breakout. Since then there is no looking back. I started my research about face oilsand I was really surprised to see unlimited benefits of using them. Till then face oils always take essential part in my daily skincare ritual.


What a face oil do for skin?


One can use face oils in numerouss ways. Being the natural source of Antioxidants, Vitamins and skin-friendly ingredients, they can do everything from moisturizing to treating acne, eczema or fine lines and wrinkles. They may be your lip balm or cuticle cream or makeup remover. Are you excited? Let’s talk about the benefits.



Face Oils, benefits,


  • You may use as a moisturizer. But, it’s recommended to use on the top of the moisturizer not in place of. As, they work on the surface level of the skin, they can’t draw water into the skin, but act as a protective barrier to keep it into the face. For this you can use a blend of Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and Coconut oil. 
  • They can reduce wrinkles. Being enriched with antioxidants, face oils can prevent aging process. Grapeseed oilis good for it. This light, non-greasy oil has anti-aging benefits.
  • Gives extra protection against pollutants, dirt and harmful UV rays. They may also protect your skin against harsh winter climate. You can use Rosehip oileveryday. This oil gives a good glow too.
  • Acts as a base for your makeup. Before applying foundation, dab a few drops on your face. This gives a glowing and plumping effect and helps your makeup stay longer. A face oil can be a good makeup remover too. I useSkincarevilla Shop Coffee Green tea face oil every day before makeup. 
  • They can shrink enlarged pores. Jojoba oil is very good at it. 
  • Oils like Moringa, Jojoba, Calendula or Chamomile with their antiinflammatory properties can calm down rashes and provide relief from exposure to wind, sun and pollution outside. Argan oil Avocado oil and Coconut oil also give calming and soothing effect on skin.
  • They’re really good for dry skin. Avocado oil, Apricot oil, Tamanu Oil have incredible skin regenerative properties to treat dryness, dry patches on some parts of your face and body, and even to reduce scars or spots. You can blend them or can use them separately. Olive oil has some benefits to treat dry skin.
  • Can you believe that a face oil can treat acne too? Pomegranate oil, Rosehip oil, Marula oil, Jojoba oil, Tamanu oil are some great oils for healing acne and encourage old acne scars to vanish. Rather than drying out your skin using some acne treatment products, invest in these oils. Incorporate them into your daily skincare regime to treat acne causing bacteria, soothe inflammation and also to provide non-greasy hydration balancing the oily, acne prone skin without stripping off skin’s natural oil.



Face Oils, benefits



Face oils are made with great care now to keep it light, gentle and excellent for layering. A right oil may change your complexion totally. As they’re natural, your skin will love them, even if you have excessive oily or sensitive skin. So, try them now without hesitation.



Pro tip:

  1. Select the right oil according to your skin type.
  2. Small amount of the right one is the best way to get the required result.
  3. If you have oily skin, use oils at night only.
  4. Don’t rub oils while applying. Just dab them with soft strokes of your fingers.


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  1. A good face oil definitely works wonders for the skin with its multiple benefits. Choosing the right oil for your specific skin type is really important to reap the full benefits.

  2. I love using face oils on my face,thanks for sharing so many benefits ,I use coconut oil,now will use jojoba oil too

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