Unboxing And Review: The Box Story Subscription Box- Tropical Sunset, June, 2017

The Subscription boxes are all the rage now and there is everything available from beauty to makeup boxes to health food bars to jewellery subscription boxes. For a small monthly fee, you can get a variety of products at your doorstep. It is like buying a gift for you from you. And this month such a gift I have bought for me and it’s The Box Story, a monthly subscription box designed to celebrate the “Ultimate Us”. I have subscribed from their Lush On Fashion range, Tropical Sunset. So, let’s start with the review.



The Box Story:

TheBoxStory is the subscription box to meet different needs of us. They believe that every person is unique, so the choice. Thet’s why they have curated the boxes to help people to celebrate their choices through TheBoxStory. 

They have three different types of boxes, Tipsy On Books, Lush On Fashion and High On Luxury. Through these boxes, they send the full-size products plus awesome goodies to reach to us with the Perfect Surprise we are waiting. That’s why it is said ‘One Box, A lot Of Stories, Wrapped in Surprises!’


My Box:

I subscribed the range Lush On Fashion- Ultimate Treasure Trove for people who love indulging in the latest trends and love surprises. These are fashion stories curated with products you will fall in love with at first sight. They have two different boxes in this range – Martini and Tropical Sunset. Mine is Tropical Sunset. Let’s have a look at what I’ve received in my box.







From the above picture, You can see that I have received 5 full-size products, ranging from skincare to makeup to accessories, healthy food, in a word what a girl like to get as the gift. Isn’t it?

The Products:

  1. Earrings: Rs 1690/-
  2. Sanitary Pouch: Rs. 200/-
  3. Avon Mystic Nail Enamel: Rs. 700/-
  4. The Face Shop Mask: Rs. 100/-
  5. Yoga Bar: Rs. 35/-

Total value: Rs. 2725/-, The box price: Rs. 1099/-.

1. The Earrings:



This cute and stylish piece of pearl jewellery with semi-precious stones is what I love to wear. You can style this with any ethnic dress, Kurtis, Sarees and with fusion dresses too.

2. Sanitary Pouch:



This pouch will be helpful for girls and women to carry their sanitary pads to college or work. It will help me a lot for those days of the month to my school.


3. Avon Mystic Nail Enamel:



This color is suitable for the women of every age and from every profession. What do you think? As a teacher, I can’t wear dark nail polishes to my school. So, it’s my thing.


4. The Face Shop Mask:



I was thinking of buying some sheet masks from The Face Shop. Before buying I can give it a try to know how much it will work for me. And the best part is that it is paraben free. let me try it, will tell you how is the mask.

5. Yoga Bar:



From many days, I was eager to buy this healthy snacks. I have got it. This fiber rich, zero trans fat Coffee Zink will be my tomorrow’s snack. It has all the healthy ingredients, dates, oats, honey, almond, groundnut, sesame, buckwheat, rice crispies, amaranth, chia flax, watermelon seeds, instant coffee powder, cocoa and contains added natural flavor (rosemary ext., vanilla ext.).

That’s all about the products I have received in June The Box Story- Tropical Sunset Edition. Do you like the goodies I have received? Wish to buy? Visit their website, Instagram, Facebook.


Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


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  1. When you mentioned school I was like – ‘Wait.. WHAT?!’ 😂 Then I realized ofcourse as a teacher😄 amazing products indeed, especially those earrings💞 I’ve tried yoga bars before but not this variant🙂

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