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Urban Botanics 100% Pure Coldpressed Olive oil: Review and Best Uses.

Urban Botanics 100% Pure Coldpressed Olive Oil is an ayurvedic shastric product for healthier skin, hair and nails. I love using this Olive oil in different fun ways to create an all-natural beauty regime. And the bonus is an extra smooth and glowing skin. How? Let’s start scrolling.

My everyday beauty regime is simple and easy to maintain. I don’t believe in expensive products or spending my hard earned money in salons. Still my skin is flawless, healthy and radiant. Because I never skip a good SPF, basic skincare (read CTM). Also I trust on my DIY recipes the vital part of which is using oils ( both carrier oils and essential oils). One of which is Olive oil, the oil that never disappoints.

Olive oil, review, uses,

Recently I have included Urban Botanics 100% Pure Coldpressed Olive Oil (jaitun tel) for hair and skin. I have used many products from this brand. What I love about them is the purity and authenticity of their products. Olive oil is also no exception. It’s free from chemicals, Hexene, additive. They don’t test their products on animals.

“The Urban Botanics olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of the olive and is left in its natural unrefined state for the highest nutrient retention possible. It is rich in vitamin E and A, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.”

Olive oil, review, uses,

Benefits of Urban Botanics 100% Pure Coldpressed Olive oil:

On Skin:

Being rich in essential fatty acids,  Urban Botanics 100% Pure Coldpressed Olive oil can act as a hydrating and nourishing body moisturizer. Regular use can fade scars, soften the skin and help in healing dry, dehydrated skin, restoring the healthy radiant glow to your skin. Vitamin E in the oil acts as an anti-aging agent.

On Hair and Scalp:

Weekly hot oil treatment with this oil, can provide you with healthy scalp and shinier, stronger hair strands. This will prevent hair loss, increase hair growth and retain moisture in the hair.

On Nails:

This extremely moisturizing oil absorbs easily into the nails to soften and strengthen them. Olive oil also keeps your cuticles healthy and helps the nails to grow.

Uses of Urban Botanics 100% Pure Coldpressed Olive oil:

This mild, lightweight, antibacterial oil is perfect for my hyper sensitive skin. Let me tell you how I use this amazing oil in my daily life.

Olive oil, review, uses,

At night, before going to bed, I pour few drops on my palm, rub well inbetween the palms and apply on face and neck. Either I apply after my regular mosturizer or mix with it. Within 4-5 days you can notice a difference in your skin texture.

There’s a myth that Olive oil gives breakouts. The fact is if you use a moderate amount, it never causes any. Trust me! Mine is combination and acne prone skin. But I haven’t notice any breakouts. Rather it gives a nice glow when I wake up in the morning.

When I use it as a cleanser, I mix one teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel with half teaspoon of Olive oil and apply on skin. After two minutes, rub for few seconds and wash off. You can use this oil as your makeup remover. Apply 3-4 drops on your face and rub and gently wipe off with a crochet pad/ cheese cloth to remove makeup while softening skin. Wash off with water-based cleanser.

Do you shave your legs or hands? You can use it as the substitute for shaving cream and get it done without any irritations or redness. I don’t shave though. But, during lockdown when the salons are closed I can’t go for waxing. So, I shave and am so happy with the smooth and irritations free shaving with Urban Botanics 100% pure Olive oil.

It also acts as an exfoliating agent when I mix with Oats and Kaolin clay (you can add milk powder instead). Apply evenly on face and body, massage gently and wash off with water.

Another use is on my scalp and hair as deep conditioning treatment. I use warm olive oil for this treatment. Apply the oil to hair and scalp and leave on for 30 minutes before washing to get healthy and shiny hair.

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You can also use Urban Botanics Olive Oil as a lip oil, to soften your dry hands and feet, and as a nail n cuticle treatment.

Have you ever used any product from Urban Botanics? If yes, let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

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