Vipera Eye Pencil: IKEBANA|Shade: HEBAN: Review, Swatches And Lookbook

I am not so much in makeup. It’s not that I don’t like, but I am too lazy a person. My makeup includes a daily wear foundation, eyeshadow, and pencil eyeliner. I wear black liner on the water line below my upper lashes and above the lower lashes. I always look for pencil liners those are easy to glide, highly pigmented, long-lasting and smudge proof. At this, I got my hand on Vipera Eye Pencil from their IKEBANA range, shade: Heban, 252.






  • Eye Pencil with natural mineral agents and natural pigments contouring the lash area you both enlarge, outline, and add depth to your eye beauty
  • Outstanding for accurate lines
  • Provide an excellent gliding effect
  • For long lasting, all day wear
  • Anti free-radical and moisturizing properties
  • Natural mineral agents produce a remarkably gentle eye product that is safe
  • Enough to apply to inner eyelid
  • Natural pigments create color of the highest quality
  • Total coverage and silky ingredients of IKEBANA pencils ensure smooth and easy application
  • Safe for a delicate skin around the eyes




Color: Black

Price: INR 350/- for 1.15g.

Available on











My Experience:

First of all the color eyeliner is black, pigmented – you get a true natural black color with one line – and super soft. It can glide on so easily that I simply love it. It does not fade off at all. It stays in place for hours and even the next day if not taken off. It never smudges. I have wet waterline and it’s somehow creamy, but still doesn’t smudge and you won’t find pieces of it below your eye line every few minutes. The liner is good for sensitive eyes too.






I am totally in love with this eyeliner. Have anyone of you used this eyeliner? If so, what’s your experience? They have three more shades, blue, green and gray. Wish to try them all.


11 thoughts on “Vipera Eye Pencil: IKEBANA|Shade: HEBAN: Review, Swatches And Lookbook”

  1. Even I go for gel eye pencils as these are easier to use. I really struggle with liquid eyeliner.This brand is new to me. I have never heard of it. But reading your review I am tempted. You have beautiful skin. 🙂

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