Womanhood is another name of Power, Courage and Struggle.. #HappyWomensDay

I don’t think there should be any specific day to celebrate the Womanhood. Yes, for me ‘being a woman’ is the blessing from God and I celebrate my womanhood every day as a daughter, as a mother,  a homemaker, and also as a teacher. But, the situation was not always the same.


At my childhood, I was ignored too much by my parents as I was their daughter, not the son. And I had no right to choose my own career too. I had to marry when I didn’t want to. After marriage, my so-called husband started to treat me as a ‘woman’ and not as a human being. After 11 years of struggle to be a good wife, I gave up and started my struggle as a single mother with two sons. And then, I became the woman in its true sense.

Now, I am proud of being a woman. To me, a woman is another name of power, courage, beauty, simplicity, and the strength of mind. After a long 15 years of continuous struggle, now I can say, “I’m a self-made woman” who can do her households as a homemaker, rear her children as a mother, help them to make their career as a father. And yes a woman only can be such a multitasker. Society, do you hear me? Can you tell me where I, a woman is lower than a man? So, why can’t you take a girl and a boy in the same manner? Where are they unequal?

And, it’s not the story of me. It’s the story of all women in the world. In every nook and corner of the world, there’s a woman struggling her life with courage and power. I salute all of them on the eve of Women’s Day.


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26 thoughts on “Womanhood is another name of Power, Courage and Struggle.. #HappyWomensDay”

  1. Agree that we need to embrace ourselves and our strengths and weakness with elan rather than look for approval from.society. Being a woman is not something to look down upon. Wishing you a happy women’s day.

  2. It’s so important to acknowledge women… After all they run this world and salute to u too. It takes courage for a single mom and its really tough in the outside world.. Keep inspiring ❤

  3. I salute you Shreemayee. Such courage comes only when you step out of the state of dependency. And I must say that you are more confident and strong in your words.

  4. Shree, we never met nor had a bond of friendship of many years, But when we met virtually I got such strong positive vibes from you. That is because you are pure and strong at the same time. All the hardships you have been through life, God will definitely bless you with immense happiness and peace. More power to you.

  5. So true …You know what my hubby told me same that why to just appreciate you or anyone on one such specific day …respect and appreciate woman each and every day.. Perfectly written

  6. Your tale and life is inspiring. Many women are stuck at that point where they give up and rebel against the abuse/ ill-treatment/inequality. I wish you all the best.

  7. I believe the same too. We dont need any specific day to celebrate womanhood. I didnt know about your life,my salute to you!You took the best decision. We all have struggles but stories are different. You are the example…a big hug for you 🙂

  8. Such a heartfelt post. Shree you are a woman with courage, power and self-respect. Happy Women’s Day to you.

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